Catholic Churches Being Attacked Around Canada After Unmarked Graves Discovered

Two different discoveries have been made this year so far in Canada where unmarked graves linked to residential schools had unveiled hundreds of children who lost their lives in what many have described as an act of cultural genocide.

In B.C. and Saskatchewan is were the grave sites were uncovered and most of the bodies discovered were reportedly children.

It has sparked outrage across the nation, inspired calls to cancel Canada Day Celebrations this year too. After this grim reality of Canadian history has been exposed it might be hard for some to embrace a celebratory mood.

This injustice that has been committed against the Indigenous community in Canada is a stain on the history of this country.

Some might be boycotting Canada Day altogether, others are suggesting wearing orange in remembrance of those who lost their lives from being forced to attend these boarding schools around Canada.

Canada Day celebrations this year have been cancelled in some regions and for many who are still choosing to celebrate the safest activity is likely going to be staying right at home and enjoying some backyard Canada Day festivities.

After the recent findings of bodies in Saskatchewan however this has prompted even more to consider cancelling their Canada Day celebrations.

This year might be a truly orange Canada Day. It could be one like we have never seen before if millions choose to put on an orange shirt for Canada Day and honor those lives that have been lost at residential schools around the country.

Attacks on Catholic churches after residential school discoveries

Since the first discovery in B.C. of those lives lost at the residential school, and now the more recent one in Sask, a variety of Catholic churches in Canada have been vandalized and destroyed.

Catholic church buildings and statues have been damaged and defaced, even burned, in areas like Edmonton, Vancouver, Mississauga.

Investigations have been launched over multiple attacks that have taken place around the country against statues and churches. These attacks have been on the rise in light of those shameful realities of Canadian history came to light, in exposing the wrongdoing conducted within the residential school system.

Canadian leaders, like Justin Trudeau, have also suggested that Pope Francis should issue an apology over the matter. As well, that perhaps this apology should come from Canadian soil.

There are calls for transparency as now many want to see accountability and access to records relating to those residential schools in Canada where there still might be more to find.

After the first discovery in B.C. many survivors of residential schools started seeking out help, utilizing resources like the residential school survivors hotline. Then came another discovery in Canada in Saskatchewan and multiple crisis lines have been set up to try and help those who have been struggling.

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  1. It doesn’t give or bring any justice to anyone anywhere anytime to vandalize churches where people gather for God, not for themselves. That is misplaced anger, and the Catholic Church was well hated from it’s inception and needs no more. That said, yes, it’s a horror of a find and (proper) answers must be made and justice found, if possible. The Pope had nothing to do with it, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he issued an apology on behalf of us all. I’ll be wearing orange on Thursday. I’m in America all my life, but my St. John, NB grandmother’s great grandmother was Mi’kmaq. ❤️


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