B.C. Campfires To Be Banned This Week

The campfire ban in bc is coming into effect soon. As the province continues to see record smashing high temperatures it means that we are going to be seeing a ban coming on campfires around the region. Despite being one of the most popular times of the years for families and friends to go camping, those changes for banning campfires around bc go into effect this week.

What does the campfire ban mean?

Campfires in B.C. are going to be prohibited around the province B.C.starting on Wednesday at noon. There is already a ban on Category 2 and Category 3 open fires in place.

Is there a fire ban in b.c. 2021?

Yes there are restrictions on campfires right now around the province in B.C.

How long will the campfire ban in bc last?

The BC campfire restrictions are expected to stay in place until Oct. 15 or until the campfire restrictions order is officially rescinded.

Violating a fire ban can potentially result in a fine of $1,150, the costs associated with firefighting costs, or worse.

Why is there a campfire ban in bc?

Due to record breaking high temperatures and lower than normal precipitation, conditions they are currently seeing are expected to last several weeks. This is why they have moved forward with the camping ban.

The changes for campfires in bc taking place this week come after B.C. recently saw record high temperatures over the weekend that left many struggling to try and cool down around the province.

BC Parks are expecting this year to be a record breaking year for camping around the province but now those campfires will be restricted with these changes.

Ready For Step 3 in B.C. Reopening

On top of that high demand that is expected we are just about to move into step 3 of the 4 step B.C. reopening roadmap.

That next step in the B.C. reopening roadmap means that more pandemic related restrictions are going to be eased, more activities allowed, and pretty soon social distancing and masks might truly become a thing of the past.

With the next step coming for the B.C. reopening it means that we will see a return to normal indoor and outdoor gatherings, increased capacity for gatherings, and other changes.

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