Extreme Heat Wave Impacting Berry Farmers Around Pacific Northwest

Right now should be the best and busiest time for berry farms around the province. A variety of berry farms around the West Coast offer berry picking during the summer, where you can go and pick your own berries on the farm.

Some of those berry farm destinations in B.C. and other areas also have restaurant patio food services, or sell a wide range of berry and other food products.

These businesses are a significant part of the farming industry in British Columbia. They are also a big draw for locals during the summer who might want to go berry picking with friends or family.

Right now under this once in a millennium heat wave on the Pacific Northwest they are suffering because berries are literally being cooked on the vine under these temperatures.

Temperatures around Metro Vancouver, B.C. and the Pacific Northwest are breaking records and the crushing heat has prompted heat warnings and air quality warnings too.

An air quality advisory has now been issued recently for Metro Vancouver because of those rising temperatures. We are expecting to see these high temperatures for several days yet.

After berry farms in Vancouver have been able to so far make their way through the pandemic, now they are facing even more problems with this B.C heat wave.

Before a single berry on those farms has been picked on some farms in B.C. they are now fearing that it could be over for the season because of the extreme temperatures that have hit the West Coast.

Heat Wave Causing Problems For Berry Farmers

Berry growers around B.C. and along the West Coast are worried about what the temperatures are going to mean now for their crops and farms now. Some farmers are expecting to lose tens of thousands of dollars now because of the record breaking summer temperatures that we are seeing.

Now some are rushing to pick whatever berries on the farm they can salvage before they might get further ruined by the extreme heat.

Raspberries and others aren’t known for doing well under such extreme temperature conditions and they can easily dry out or get cooked which makes them unable to be sold.

The heat might be uncomfortable for many of us but for these farmers it is going to mean a lot more and could mean a tremendous loss with the worse the temperature gets and impacts those crops.

Berry crops from B.C. to Washington, Oregon, and other regions, are seeing drastic effects already on their berry farm crops.


B.C. is one of the largest suppliers of highbush blueberries in the world

Because of the extreme heat some of those berry farmers are now calling on the government for help in British Columbia. Some have urged the minister of agriculture to get involved because of the impact the heat wave has had on crops, as well as the federal government to help too.

So far they do not know how bad the season might get for berries and farmers around the region.

Those in the industry are continually keeping an eye on the situation. Right now because of the heat in B.C. they are seeing that some crops are ripening much faster and also producing smaller berries, they are being pushed ahead of schedule.

The extreme B.C. temperatures are keeping many people indoors right now but when they start to go back down again it will be a better setting to head out looking for some fun to have this summer. Something new to do could include a visit to a berry farm that still has some left to salvage.

They could use some community support now at this time after all that they have been through.

There are several berry farms around B.C. to find that are great attractions to visit if you want to have some summer fun with friends or family, picking blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and other items.

Around the Lower Mainland in B.C. you can find berry farms that are a mix of a farm and winery that also offer food service like berry waffles for brunch.

One destination would be Krause Berry Farms & Estate Winery located at 6179 248 St, Langley Twp. Here you can find food, wine, and get to pick your own berries as well. There are also dozens of different farmers markets around B.C. that offer locally grown berries to purchase this summer as well.

Other options for U-Pick berry fields in Surrey include that like the Farm Markets located at 5180 152 ST, Surrey BC. At this location you can pick your own berries like raspberries and strawberries.

Because of the heat wave recently in B.C. and around the Pacific Northwest however the heat has closed a number of schools and businesses, including those berry farms for U-Pick berry picking.

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  1. Perhaps for many it will only be when the supermarkets are empty of certain food that they will finally realise that we are all going to have to change our ways. Climate change is not going away anytime soon.


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