Emergency Vet Clinic Issues Warning After Several Dogs Die From Heat Stroke

The Pacific Northwest is experiencing an unprecedented heat wave right now and that means that there is increased risk for seniors and pets.

The SPCA and animal health professionals have been urging people to remember to not leave their pets in cars and to consider these extreme temperatures for their animals at home. Make the necessary steps to help them cool off.

Now, an emergency vet clinic in Nanaimo is issuing a message and warning the public about the dangers of the heat, after several dogs passed away from heat stroke recently.

Leaving pets in hot cars is one of the most obvious risks but there are other risks too. They can also suffer negative consequences if there are high temperatures in other environments, even in their own backyard.

Animal service professionals suggest that using ice or extreme cold isn’t the best option because this can shock the dog. They recommend placing the feet of the dog in water that is room temperature or use cool towels to rub on their bellies to try and cool them off. Some dogs are going to be more at risk than others.

How to keep pets safe during hot temperatures

Ice Cubes – these work great when you want to know how to keep pets safe during hot temperatures.

Giving pets some frozen treats or something to cool down with for summer could include placing some ice cubes in their water bowl. If you prefer this then you might have to replenish the ice cubes several times throughout the day because they will melt.

Frozen Bottles – placing frozen water bottles near the pet’s bed and a towel over them to try and cool the area down helps. You could also use an ice pack in the same way if you have it instead. Cover it up and wait for it to cool down.

Stay Indoors – Staying out of the heat during the day is the best way to avoid the mistake of getting too much sun.

Fill Up A Small Pool – filling up a small children’s pool with water is what many pet owner’s will do during summer and their dogs love to play and splash around in it. This is a great idea if you have the space to do it.

Use Air Conditioning Or A Fan – Keep a fan going for them if it helps, and opt to go walking with them earlier in the morning when it is cooler out. Or if you do not want to do early morning walking then you could also go out later in the evening if things cool down, although they haven’t gotten too low the past couple of nights in B.C. during this heat wave.

Keep A Close Watch

Dogs cool down through their panting and through their paws. So having a small pool filled with some cold water to help them cool off can be a refreshing way to help them beat the heat.

During these extreme temperatures it is important to keep pets safe and inside, protected from the high heat. Avoid pavement, exercise, hot cars, and direct sunlight even if it is in the backyard.

Get them to relax in a shaded and cool area and remember to give them lots of water to drink.

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