Delivery apps get busy during heat wave

The Pacific Northwest is experiencing an incredible heat wave right now and temperature records are being broken in numerous regions around B.C. The hot temperatures have prompted many to try anything they can to try and keep cool. For many that has meant going to find cooling center locations in Vancouver and other B.C. cities. that might be open.

Turning on the oven to cook is the last thing that you might want to do right now as temperatures surge above 40°C

That means turning to delivery apps and ordering out instead of cooking at home and making things even hotter.

Last night some who might have been trying to order through third party delivery apps in Metro Vancouver, like Skip The Dishes, might have noticed the uptick in business.

While browsing the Wendy’s menu at one location it was no surprise to see that every salad had been sold out. Why not stock up on some cold food that will keep in the fridge for later? This way you can avoid turning on the oven and other appliances for meals throughout the day.

Ice has also been hard to find. At the grocery store they were completely sold out. And it is likely that many other grocery stores and gas stations were also out of their own supply.

Growing Demand For Air Conditioners And Fans

Because of the heat wave there has been a boom in demand for air conditioners and fans. That has made it almost impossible for some to find what they need and others left trying to sell over-priced air conditioners online at grossly inflated prices.

It’s estimated that only some 40% of those in B.C. have AC in their homes.


That is many people who are suffering right now to try and deal with the heat. And that means doing anything possible, even ordering cold food or ordering out instead of cooking for the night.

Some restaurants have likely been seeing such unprecedented demand through this heat wave over the weekend and today that they are struggling to keep up.

There are many great restaurants around B.C. to choose from but the heat wave has forced some businesses to close because of the high temperatures.

Those who don’t have cooling systems in their kitchens are going to be extremely uncomfortable work environments during these temperatures.

Closing Down Over High Temperatures

A number of different businesses, from restaurants and garden spaces to gift shops and others, have decided to close their doors because of the heat.

Thankfully, when it gets too hot to cook there are many options available. Delivery apps today make it more convenient than ever to get something local or meet that need when hungry and you don’t have to go and pick it up and brave the heat to do it.

When it is too hot to cook other meal ideas might be salads, sandwiches, or things to help cool down like popsicles, ice cream, or fruit.

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