BC Hydro power outages leaving thousands around B.C. without power

Over the weekend in B.C. with this heatwave we have been seeing power outages in different regions. BC Hydro said that they were ready to deal with the demand but they are also seeing record breaking demand for electricity right now as well.

As the hot temperature climbed it was inevitable that some areas around B.C. might get BC Hydro power outages. They’ve been working quickly to update communities who are impacted and to work to get people back with power so that they can try and battle the scorching heat.

As far as BC Hydro power outages go during this heatwave there have been thousands left for some period of time without power in various regions around the province.

Over the weekend and today BC Hydro power outages have impacted hundreds living in areas around Mission, Port Coquitlam, and Kelowna.


Because of the high demand right now during this weather they are seeing records broken for electricity use and many are struggling to try and cool down with these extreme temperatures.

BC Hydro is normally going to be seeing highest peak hourly demand on weekdays and so it was no surprise that on Monday things might heat up even more. Especially considering that we are now seeing peak temperatures for the current heatwave.

For anyone that does suffer a BC Hydro power outage and who is struggling to cool down there are a variety of cool centers in Vancouver and around B.C. to access during this extreme heat. This includes places like spray parks, mist stations, and areas that have air conditioning that is open to the public.

Though some areas might have seen their power temporarily go out recently, likely caused to high demand during this heatwave though it isn’t clear in every circumstance. They often don’t take long getting customers back to being connected.

Enough Power To Meet Demand

For the current extreme temperatures and concern over BC Hydro power outages they have asserted that they have enough electricity to meet demand, they’re ready to supply what is needed to those around the province.

Though they have seen an increase in pressure on the BC Hydro Western grid they aren’t anticipating any BC Hydro power outages like those blackouts which are being seen in some areas of the United States.

Despite the record breaking heat this past weekend and what is still expected to come, BC Hydro has admitted that they have enough energy to meet the summer demand.

Even though we might see some records broken with electricity rates in B.C. we shouldn’t expect that they will fail to provide power.

Rescheduled Repair and Replacement Work

Along with the outages that they have been dealing with they have also taken the time to cancel some repair and replacement work at this time because of hot weather. They will reschedule that work for some time later when things are cooler. Some pre-planned outages have been now cancelled and rescheduled because of the heatwave.

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