Is It Too Hot To Go Hiking?

For many in B.C. right now during the heat wave you might be inclined to go for a hike on one of the many beautiful trails that you can find to explore around the province. We are seeing record breaking temperatures around the province with this recent heat wave and that means more medical emergencies are coming about because of it too.

Already, B.C. health workers are seeing an increase in ambulance calls because of the extreme heat.

Rescue crews for parks and trails around B.C. have indicated that so far this is their busiest year to date. Many of the calls that they have been receiving and responding to they say have been preventable.

Rescue crews have been getting many calls for hikers who have been struggling under the sun and extreme temperatures.

They have been warning people to bring extra water on their hike. Make sure you are well hydrated before you embark on the hike, and make sure that the trail you are exploring is one that meets your hiking skills.


At parks and trails around B.C. hikers have been feeling the heat and it has been more difficult than usual to hike the trails, with air quality also being a concern. Metro Vancouver has issued air quality warnings just recently.

So far they have had dozens of calls from hikers who have had difficulty during the heat while out exploring the province in one place or another.

Health warnings have been urging people to stay indoors between peak temperature hours, and to try to use one cooling method or another to help cope with the heat.

The weather around B.C. that we are seeing right now are smashing records for this region and numerous districts have been seeing record breaking temperature records.

A large number of cooling stations have been set up in Vancouver and around B.C. to help people cope with and deal with the extreme heat that we are getting right now. This ‘heat dome’ is bringing temperatures that we will likely be seeing for several days.

The record breaking heat temperatures and heat warnings have surprised even environmental experts, and for some has been completely surprising. Right now some areas of western Canada are hotter than places in Dubai. Air conditioners and fans are already becoming hard to find in some areas due to increase in demand.

Breaking Record Temperatures

The worst of it might still be yet to come and we might see the highest temperature in Canada ever recorded.

Health authorities have said to prepare for extreme heat this weekend, stay in a cool place during the day, and to avoid strenuous activity. This weekend during these extreme temperatures then might not be the best time to pick to go hiking. And for those who are hiking, parks services warn to take safety precautions to deal with the increase in risk with these temperatures.

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