Air Conditioners and Fans in B.C. Getting Harder to Find

Heat warnings have been in effect for B.C. and Alberta as the heat wave continues and brings record breaking temperatures around the province. British Columbians are turning to mist stations, cooling centers, water fountains, shady places, their AC machines etc, anything to try and keep cool.

Individuals around the province might have been experiencing some uncomfortable sleeping conditions through this heat wave because it hasn’t been going down that much during overnight hours.

Park supervisors say that when it gets hot like this people get ready to flock to the parks for some shade and a cool place to relax. Don’t forget to bring enough water with you if you are going to be going outside in this heat.

Campfires have been manned in most Metro Vancouver park areas because of the risk now with the heat climbing and some briquette barbecues are not allowed either etc.

Electricity demand spikes to break record for 2x time in week


BC Hydro has reported that temperatures in the province have been breaking records, at least 2 times this week. The peak hourly demand broke after temperatures in B.C.’s interior reached 40C. Many around the province are turning to their air conditioners and fans right now to try and keep them cool.

There are also cooling centers that have been set up around B.C. in cities like Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster, and other areas.

BC Hydro said that they expect this energy use to peak on Monday and they’ve previously indicated that they would be ready to deal with the uptick in demand for energy around the province.

Right now the heat wave is the most concerning issue and officials keep reminding the public to stay indoors during those peak temperature hours, to keep hydrated, and to engage in other cooling down activities. Cooling centers in Vancouver are going to be open and it’s reported that no one will be denied access because of overcrowding.

Increase In Demand For Air Conditioner and Fans During Heat Wave

If you already bought your new air conditioner or fan for this summer then you’re in luck. Because right now air conditioner units and fans are getting harder and harder to find in this heat wave.

Stores that sell air conditioner units, like Canadian Tire, have seen a rush recently from those who are looking to cool down and get a new unit or fan. But now most of them are sold out at certain stores and it could get more difficult to find.

It isn’t only areas around B.C. that are facing this problem either, as this heat wave is set to raise temperatures around the Pacific Northwest.

Some have been truly suffering during this heat wave without any fans or air conditioning and there are multiple cooling centers in Vancouver and other areas of B.C. that are open to help. Find water, misting stations, spray parks, cooling centers, and more, available to help you beat the heat and cool down.

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