3 Of the Most Popular Spots For British Columbians This Summer

Three of the most popular beach areas in the B.C. Lower Mainland that have been filling up quick this summer include spots at Sasamat Lake, Belcarra Regional Park, and White Pine Beach.

These areas have been seeing full parking lots during hot summer days and that might make it harder for some to get there and find a place to park before going out to enjoy the area.

Going to White Pine Beach, Belcarra Park, Sasamat Lake

Just recently, transit summer service has been increased for Belcarra Regional Park, Sasamat Lake, and White Pine Beach. Bus options like the 150 or 182 can offer accessible options for those who do not want to struggle with trying to find a parking spot on these busy summer days.

Getting there early can also be a sure way to beat the crowds too.

There are picnic spaces to find at Sasamat Lake and White Pine Beach etc, but they too can fill up quickly during the summer just as fast as the parking lot might.

These are two beautiful B.C. destinations that are perfect for summer when you want to get to the lake and have some beach fun.

This is one of the most popular beach and lake areas that you will find in the summer to visit. There are many great places to sit down and enjoy some sunshine or have a picnic with friends. Go for a walk around the lake and take in some of those stunning Sasamat Lake views.

Whether walking, hiking, tanning, or playing volleyball, there is lots to do here and plenty of space to get out and explore with family or friends.

If you are wondering if Belcarra park is busy the answer is that yes all of these places can get extremely busy when the weather is nice and it is peak summer vacation time.

Looking to find parking lots around Belcarra Regional Park, the Sasamat Lake, and White Pine Beach? These areas do fill up quickly during the busy summer months. If it does get full there are also other areas nearby to check out as a 2nd option.

Close to these areas you can also find Buntzen Lake which is a short distance away if you’re driving.

Buntzen Lake can also get busy in summer and it’s always best to get there early to any of those locations if you want to get a good spot set up for the day and know you will find parking.

There are shared trails at Belcarra Park to find for hiking in this area, along with park washrooms, picnic shelters and the Belcarra Picnic Area too which can seat 75 people.

This can easily get busy during summer and fill up on beautiful sunny days and when those parking lots do get full then the gates are going to be closed. This also means that there will not be any drop off opportunities once those gates close.

A backup option trying to avoid that struggle of parking would be to take public transit, carpool, or just plan to get there as early as you can.

Here around Sasamat Lake for summer, Belcarra Park, and White Pine Beach, you will find beautiful forested trails, stunning rocky beaches and those unforgettable B.C. mountain views.

Planning Some SUmmer Fun
  • Swimming
  • Hiking
  • Picnic areas
  • Kayaking
  • Canoeing
  • Playground
  • View Point
  • Fishing
  • Beach activities

The best part about a visit to Belcarra for many is that you can also bring your dog. But those dogs must be leashed and expected to be under control at all times.

Belcarra is truly one of the most stunning rural municipalities in all of B.C. and worth a trip during summer to visit and see all of its beauty. If you are going here you can also visit those other popular summer B.C. spots like Sasamat Lake and White Pine Beach too, with Buntzen Lake also being a short drive away for another option.

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