Park & Tilford Gardens Now Open To The Public For Summer

Park & Tilford is one of the most beautiful garden spaces to explore in North Vancouver. This garden area had to close during the pandemic and just recently they’ve reopened again to the public.

There are still certain pandemic related restrictions in place but B.C. is well underway with the 4-step reopening plan. As those rules continue to be lifted for certain activities and businesses, it means more to do this summer. If you are looking for a great garden space to explore then consider Park and Tilford Gardens in North Van to start with.

The Park and Tilford Gardens in North Vancouver are always worth a visit any time during the year.

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This is a garden that has been open in North Vancouver for several decades now and is one of the best places to go for a peaceful garden visit, to relax and unwind with beautiful flowers, plants, and trees. This garden is located near the Park & Tilford shopping mall.

The Park and Tilford Gardens in North Van are going to be open from Monday to Sunday through summer from 9:30am to 8:00pm but this might change if there are changes to provincial guidelines.

Recently celebrated 50 years

For more than 50 years this garden space has been around, it has offered a stunning garden area to explore with a variety of flowers and plants to see.

Also referred to as the garden jewel of the North Shore this is popular with both tourists and locals, the perfect place to go for some beautiful scenery in North Vancouver when the weather is nice out.

Explore this beautiful 1.5 acre garden space, originally 3 acres, which features a stunning rose garden area that is best to visit in June and July.

You will get to see a variety of roses here at this North Van rose garden. There is also an herb garden and other plants and flowers to find, different themed spaces.

Park & Tilford Garden in North Vancouver is open now and available to visit through summer for anyone who is looking for a beautiful garden space to visit and enjoy.

There are many restaurants and shopping choices near the garden as well, within the mall and other areas. You can also easily access public transportation if you are taking that to get to the garden and home etc.

One of the best parts about the garden here in North Van is that entrance is free for visitors.

At the Park & Tilford Gardens in North Van you will find some of the best of the city. There are some places to sit down, on a hot day you can find some shade under the trees, and beautiful flowers to see. This is truly one of the best garden areas in North Vancouver to enjoy and it is a free for visitors on top of that.

Looking for some affordable summer fun and something new to do? Why not a community visit to this stunning North Shore gem which is the Park & Tilford Gardens.

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