KFC Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich Is Seriously Good

KFC has a delicious Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich that is seriously good and a noteworthy contender in the Chicken Sandwich Wars that are heating up with popular restaurants today. These restaurants like KFC and others around Canada and elsewhere, are trying to put out the best chicken sandwiches that you’ve ever had and they’re doing a good job of it.

This Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich for KFC is selling more than 2x the volume of past versions, according to Yum Brands. It is arguably one of the best chicken sandwiches out there available today and if you love chicken sandwiches and haven’t tried it yet then what are you waiting for?

The demand for chicken sandwiches is strong and KFC has seriously delivered here with the new Chicken Chicken KFC sandwich that they’ve got now on the menu.

What is on the Famous Chicken?

Going with ingredients like broche buns, pickles, and a breaded filet, it hits the spot when you’re craving a good crispy chicken sandwich. These are common ingredients found in other popular internationally known chicken sandwiches and KFC does it well with their version of the Famous Chicken.

The ‘Famous Chicken chicken sandwich is drizzled with buttery garlic oil, you really get a good flavor on the bun which then gets slathered with mayo and topped with pickles.

Find The Famous Chicken Chicken KFC Sandwich At Select Restaurants

The Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich might be the best thing yet that you’ve tried on the menu. With an impressive batter to chicken ratio these are some seriously big and tasty chicken sandwich burgers that have arrived at select KFC restaurants.

KFC didn’t take long to consider entering those Chicken Sandwich Wars that continue to heat up as multiple restaurants look to deliver the best chicken sandwich to meet consumer demand.

What they’ve delivered was worth any wait.

KFC is playing to win this challenge with their Famous Chicken Sandwich that is clearly already a hit with the Famous Chicken Chicken Sandwich.

In the Famous Chicken sandwich you are going to be getting a quarter pound chicken breast and this has been double breaded. They don’t skimp on the chicken here with this one.

You add generous chicken breast with some pickles, mayo that is regular or spicy, and top with the brioche bun. It’s simple but perfectly balanced to make one of the best chicken sandwiches you might ever try.

This particular chicken sandwich might look quite similar to some other popular chicken sandwiches, with the mayo, pickles, and bun etc, that are already out there today on the menu. However, the Famous Chicken does have its own twist and distinct taste that makes a difference overall.

Looking to have it with spicy mayo? regular mayo? You can make your own customization and change it in more than one way. If you want a chicken sandwich that doesn’t hold back on the serving of chicken then this sandwich is a qualifying contender for any crispy chicken sandwich lunch, dinner, or a snack.

The extra crispy seasoning here truly makes a difference in the crunch and taste. You would think that with all of that crispy crunch on the outside that it might take away from the meat, but this sandwich has a solid amount of chicken given that it is double breaded.

For some you might say that this is what a true chicken sandwich should taste like.

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