With Other Areas Discussing Reopening Early Will B.C. Do The Same?

B.C. previously released their details on a 4 step reopening plan that slowly would ease pandemic restrictions. Travel restrictions around the province have recently been eased as a part of that plan. As well the rules relating to indoor dining and other activities have also been eased. More and more people are going out now to enjoy summer and travel around their communities and the province.

Cases have been dropping in Canada and the province, and B.C. officials say that they are comfortable with where things are going and with the reopening right now in general.

More than 1 million in B.C. fully vaccinated

There are more than 1 million people in B.C. who have already been vaccinated and more than 20% of the country overall that has been fully vaccinated up until this point. Still, officials have previously suggested that at least 75% vaccination is needed before the border might reopen fully for Canada.

They might not be ready to reopen the border just yet but they are ready to lift some border restrictions soon for some who are fully vaccinated.

Movie theaters in B.C. recently got the green light to reopen and now nightclubs in Vancouver and around the province will also be reopening. Casinos are going to be reopening too as a part of the next step in the 4-step B.C. reopening plan.

In Ontario there have been discussions about moving into their reopening a few days early now because of how well things have been going. Might B.C. do the same?

We can expect that step 3 of the 4 step B.C. reopening plan will begin on July 1 which is Canada Day and that this will be the earliest for right now that we might see the province move into that next phase. We have already met the 70% vaccination rate for that step to take place, more than 75% of individuals in B.C. have had their first dose already. And it looks as though case counts and hospitalizations are still low for B.C. too. That downward trend has continued.

However officials are still warning about the dangers of the disease still spreading through the community.

Alberta recently announced that they plan to reopen fully on July 1 and slowly things around Canada are taking a turn and beginning to make their way toward normal again, with an increasing number of restrictions being eased now.

People in B.C. and around Canada are ready to get back to normal, get out and visit friends, family, travel, and engage in their regular routines once more. To help them do that we will soon see B.C. make changes in allowing casinos and nightclubs to reopen and other pandemic restrictions to be eased.

Less than 2 weeks away from Step 3 of B.C. Reopening Plan

We are only a few days away from the next step in the B.C. reopening plan for 2021 that will see more restrictions being lifted. This means casinos are reopening and other changes are coming.

We can also expect a return to normal for indoor and both outdoor personal gatherings in the province, without any limits. Sleepovers can take place once again, we will see fairs and festivals (possibly PNE 2021!), as well there will be more capacity for indoor and outdoor organized gatherings. We will see this next step bring about no limits for groups at indoor or outdoor dining, liquor service restrictions to be lifted, and more. We will not see the next step come about for another several weeks.

When is the earliest we might see Step 4 of the B.C. reopening plan begin? September 7 2021

However, if we see Ontario or other areas reopen early then why not B.C. as well? If they meet their criteria for moving forward in their plan then what reason is there to keep things closed? That is what some have been asking. We will have to wait and see how B.C. navigates the remaining steps of their 4 step reopening plan for this year. For now we are already well underway with that plan and moving on it looks like to step 3 coming soon.

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