Kraft Introduces New KD Flavour Boosts Including Poutine and Cotton Candy

Kraft has recently announced that they are offering KD Flavour Bosts that come in a variety of options including poutine, jalapeno, and cotton candy. They can be added to the KD that you normally make for a little bit of a twist and extra taste.

New KD Flavour Boosts

Buffalo Wings


Cotton Candy


Butter Chicken

Ghost Pepper

These new flavour boosts are sure to be incredibly popular as they come in some amazing options like poutine, butter chicken, and ghost pepper.

These are already popular flavors on their own and so mixing them with the macaroni dinner mix is going to be a unique experience that many will likely want to indulge in.

What a great way to add a little spice and extra flavor to your summer, for those who are going to be enjoying some delicious KD now you can do it with a new twist and a bit of a new flavor as well.

How does the KD flavour boost work? All you need to do is after you have made your bowl of macaroni, or microwave dish of macaroni etc, simply add in the flavour boost and give it a taste.

Looking to get a little new extra kick with your next KD experience? Then look out for some new flavour boost options like the poutine, cotton candy for something sweet, or ghost pepper for a little spicy kick. These are some new and innovative options coming from KD to make the dinner or snack even better.

Stir Up Something Different

Canadians have been known to truly love their Kraft Dinner and are known for purchasing millions of boxes of it over the year. Canadians have been known to eat much more Kraft Dinner than Americans signaling that many in the country simply love it for a meal or snack.

During the pandemic demand also spiked for various Kraft Heinz products and because of that we saw that one Canadian factory in Montreal had been working around the clock, going with 24/7 operations to help meet demand for KD and more through the pandemic.

That one Canadian factory alone has been responsible for producing around 90% of the Kraft Heinz products that you can find in grocery stores around the country.

If you want to try something new on an old favorite like a delicious bowl of macaroni then these KD flavour boosts are the perfect pick. Just pick some up and add something delicious like the Jalapeno flavour boost, cotton candy, butter chicken, ghost pepper, or buffalo wings to the mix for something different.

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