Chance To Win Free Weed for 1 Year In Canadian Dispensary Vaccine Lottery

A Canadian dispensary is having a vaccine lottery that is going to see more than one lucky winner get a year supply of marijuana. In the latest move to try and ramp up vaccination rates around the country there is one dispensary in Manitoba that is reportedly offering a weed lottery for those who get vaccinated.

It gives several Manitoba residents a chance to win a year supply of marijuana if they win the lottery.

At least 3 will be given a year supply of marijuana if they win and the initiative has been called Joints for Jabs and has been launched by Delta 9 who is a Winnipeg-based cannabis retailer in Canada.

We have seen a variety of vaccine initiatives come around around Canada and the U.S since the vaccines first started to roll out, from free coffee and doughnuts, cash, vacations, and other prizes, now weed is another incentive for vaccination efforts.

Cannabis has been considered an essential service throughout the pandemic as patients still needed to get their supply, as well as recreational customers. The program started recently for the Joints for Jabs effort and is going to go on until September. There will be 3 prize winners that could get up to $100 per month in cannabis for one year.

Win 28 grams of weed per month

It is important to know that it isn’t going to be an unlimited amount of weed for one year, but only a certain amount of spending per month over a year period. Customers aren’t required to buy anything they only need to prove that they have had their 2 vaccination doses already.

In the United States, down in Washington, they too have already had a similar Joints for Jabs effort that saw cannabis being given out in an effort to try and inspire people to go and get vaccinated. Their Joints for Jabs effort meant that adults who received a vaccination shot at an in-store clinic could be eligible to receive one complimentary marijuana joint.

It is likely that these many lotteries that have been going on for months now in Canada and elsewhere have inspired thousands of people to go and get vaccinated for the chance to win cash, vacations, weed, and more.

For those who buy cannabis on a regular basis and who are planning to get the vaccination regardless, this could be a chance to win big. The average cannabis user is going to spend hundreds if not thousands on their marijuana they need throughout the year, those who are heavy regular users that don’t grow their own. This initiative for 3 winners to receive a free supply for a year is an effective tool to inspire those who are open to vaccination to at least try to win.

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