B.C. Looking At Making Temporary Patio Spaces More Permanent

B.C. is offering to make temporary patio licenses a permanent thing because they have been working out so well around the province through the pandemic. Authorization for those restaurant temporary patio spaces has been extended through to next year now, June 1, 2022

There are more than 2k temporary patios in B.C. that serve liquor.

The province wants to help businesses make their comeback from the pandemic and are using those temporary patio spaces to help them do it. These can help businesses get back on their feet by giving their patrons more dining options.

These outdoor patios in Vancouver and around B.C. have been a lifeline for many businesses out there in the food industry that have been struggling.

B.C. has also indicated that restaurants can apply to make liquor licenses permanent for those temporary patio spaces too.

Any B.C. restaurants and bars who have been authorized to serve liquor on their temporary patio spaces can also reportedly ask to have that made part of the permanent service under related amended rules.

For some time they will also be looking in the province to still accept new applications for more temporary outdoor patio spaces as well.

There are already thousands of great outdoor patio spaces to find. For a few of those who have been setting up their new patio spaces already throughout the pandemic it has been a new experiment in business. The outdoor patio spaces have enabled them to make the most of their service operations altogether.

Are Temporary Patio Spaces In B.C. Becoming Permanent?

Officials have indicated that we might expect to see these temporary patio spaces become part of their overall long-term recovery plans for restaurant businesses etc, and beyond.

Though there is plenty of support for those patios, and they helped some restaurants truly survive through the lockdown and restrictions on indoor dining, there are some issues.

Some restaurants have been dealing with dining and dashing and guests leaving those outdoor patio spaces without paying first.

One business owner allegedly had at least 3 patrons leave without paying for their food since the new patio opened for the venue. Staffing issues have been pointed to as the contribution to the problem.

When there isn’t someone on the patio at all times then that might increase chances of this happening they fear.

The B.C. Restaurant and Food Services Association has reportedly noted that dine-and-dashing isn’t a common or major issue in the province but the recent staff shortages might be exacerbating the issue. Because so many restaurants are struggling to find qualified individuals to hire right now it might be difficult for them to struggle and keep up with customer demands.

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