Bunny Cafe Opens in Vancouver

A first of its kind in North America Bunny Cafe has recently opened in Vancouver. They are now taking reservations for anyone who wants to visit and meet the rabbits while browsing the merchandise.

The Bunny Cafe comes from the same people behind the first cat cafe in Western Canada, Catfe, that has seen widespread support and been open for years.

The Catfe was a unique concept that brought people and cats together at the cafe. People could enter the cafe and see it filled with adoptable rescue cats and enjoy a nice coffee. The cafe with the cats was so popular that at times they were reportedly running out of cats.

Now the same fun and family-friendly idea has extended to include bunnies.

Photo by Leanu00e8 Jacobs on Pexels.com

The pandemic set back the plans for opening somewhat but now the time has finally arrived.

Right now The Bunny Cafe is expected to be a retail store that will also have some rabbits running about. The cafe portion of the operation for The Bunny Cafe is expected to open sometime later on this year.

If you are interested in visiting to see the bunnies then you will need to make a reservation at the cafe. Guests also allegedly need to be at least 5 years or older.

There will be face masks required, hand washing, and social distancing etc. After the safety procedures then comes time to safely be able to handle the rabbits that are there.

Visitors to the cafe with bunnies in Vancouver will also be given a cup of treats so that you can feed them things like apple or kale.

Not only is it a fun thing to do with friends or family but it can also be educational. The hope is that the cafe might be able to help showcase how rabbits could make great pets and also provide help for adoption of those animals too.

If you want to know more about these animals and get the chance to get closer to them this is a good opportunity to do just that. The cafe is a great idea for something fun to do with friends or family this summer and gives anyone the chance to make some new great memories with some adorable rabbits.

The Rise of the Pet Cafe

There are other similar cafes around the world, like the Rabbitland Cafe in Hong Kong that has created a similar environment. You can also find cat cafes in places like Japan and New York. In a variety of those businesses the adoption rates have been incredibly successful for those pets.

There are a growing number of these businesses already around the world today and now Vancouver has another one of its own with the recently opened bunny cafe.

It is obvious that people don’t mind going to the cafe when there are animals inside like rabbits or cats. It’s a great draw for people of all ages and increases the opportunities for those animals to also find forever homes.

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  1. There’s a rabbit island in Japan (along with multiple cat islands and a fox island… but the foxes are aggressive).

    We have a cate cafe in Long Beach. I don’t know whether it’s reopened.

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