Backyard Canada Day Celebrations Might Be The Best Option This Year

In some places around Canada there have been discussions about cancelling Canada Day festivities. This has been a growing consideration now in light of the event where we learned that over 200 children’s remains had been found at a former residential school in the country.

Already, there are some Canada Day festivities that have been cancelled, like those around Kelowna, Penticton, and other areas. The calls to cancel Canada Day this year are growing around the country and that means that some events that had been planned might soon be cancelled if they haven’t been already.

More areas now have joined Victoria in cancelling Canada Day celebrations. Instead of public celebrations for Canada Day around the country now backyard celebrations are being encouraged in some regions.

The B.C. reopening is well underway and that means that people can engage more in certain activities and visit certain businesses etc.

For July 1 2021 Canada Day might look a little different this year. Though things are on their way to reopening in B.C. and other Canadian regions, there are still a variety of pandemic restrictions that are in place right now around the country.

There are a number of ways that individuals and families can still celebrate at home, in their own yards etc, despite celebrations in various cities being cancelled this year.

Of course, not everyone is in the mood to celebrate at all this Canada Day following the discovery of those remains of Indigenous children who had been discovered in Kamloops, British Columbia.

One official in Victoria recently reportedly suggested that celebrating Canada Day this year would possibly be damaging to the city’s reconciliation efforts with the community and so they voted to cancel their virtual celebration.

Now we see others are following in also cancelling their 2021 Canada Day celebrations too such as Kelowna and Penticton.

Not everyone is looking to cancel their Canada Day 2021 plans however, as there are still some virtual and in-person events that you might be able to find around the country. Some celebrations are still being planned even if they are just in your own backyard.

Canada Day celebrations in New Brunswick, Moncton, Saint John, all look to be going ahead with their planning for this year reportedly, and others in Canada might also be doing the same. Still, activists have called for Canada Day 2021 to be cancelled and that message has been growing around the country with the tag #CancelCanadaDay.

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