B.C. Heat Wave Means Vancouver Might Get Hotter Than Miami This Weekend

Things are heating up around B.C. and that means that it is expected to be hotter this weekend in Vancouver than in Miami. Heat wave warnings have been issued and records are falling fast as things continue to bake around the province. Right now it truly feels like peak summer with these temperature records that are being broken.

Cache Creek, White Rock, and Abbotsford, Recently Broke Records For Hot Weather

This means some regions are seeing temperatures that haven’t been seen in decades. Things have been heating up already and they are expected to continue to rise in temperature over this weekend too with Vancouver weather becoming hotter than Miami.

It isn’t known how long the extremely hot weather might last.

Some have forecasted that it will be a short-lived heatwave that B.C. experiences and experts have urged British Columbians to consider ways to keep cool during this hot weather this summer.

Still things are going to heat up this weekend and that means that B.C. temperatures might rise up to 10 C higher than we will normally see across the province.

Temperatures around the Vancouver area are forecast to potentially hit 28 C this weekend on Saturday.

Now that things are reopening in B.C. that means that more people will be looking to cool off by going to open pools, lounging at lakes, beaches, and other summer-friendly places.

Meteorologists suspect that we are still going to see some strong summer weather this weekend and who knows when things might return to normal for right now.

They are anticipating that Friday, Saturday, and Sunday this weekend, could be some of the hottest days that we see so far.

Don’t Forget About Pets

With the heatwave warnings being issued now around B.C. this has also prompted the SPCA to issue a warning about pets during this time too. They have reminded the public about the dangers of leaving pets in cars.

Each year the SPCA responds to potentially hundreds of calls about animals being left in hot cars during the summer. Just a few minutes alone could mean great harm for an animal during this heat wave while they are locked in a hot vehicle.

BC Hydro has reportedly suggested that customers around the province won’t experience any outages because they be able to handle this heat wave that’s coming through. There is rising pressure across the grid because of the heat wave in Vancouver but they are ready to meet the demand.

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