Sale: Disney Store Closing in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver

The Disney stores in B.C. and around Canada are closing which means those in Burnaby, Surrey, and Vancouver will only be open until July.

Before they close for good though they are having a sale with up to 25% off right now. They are going to be closing all of their Canadian locations for the Disney stores this year and the closing dates have been confirmed for locations like that in Pacific Centre and Metrotown.

Those two locations will be hosting a store wide sale from now until they close finally in July which will mean a chance to get up to 25% off Disney merchandise.

Now is the time for those who love Disney and who have been wanting to go to the store to head over and take advantage of that sale before they will no longer be open in the province.

Closing Sale: Find Between 20-25% off Disney Merchandise

People have already been rushing to buy as the sales for Disney merchandise in Vancouver, Burnaby, and other areas, are already taking place.

At Metrotown you can find 20% off goods in store and that might go up to 25% off in the coming weeks. This isn’t guaranteed though.

Pacific Centre Vancouver location is hosting their own sale with 25% off everything right now in store. The sales that are ongoing will be final sale as well and there will not be any chance to get a refund or exchange.

When will Disney stores in B.C. be closed for good?

The plan is July 14th 2021 for the Disney stores to be closed for good. If you are looking to take advantage of the sale and pick up some Disney merchandise with a discount then you will need to head there while there is still some left to find.

The news that Disney is closing all of their stores in Canada isn’t new as it has been known for months now that they were going to make this move. They have 18 stores in Canada around different provinces.

After re-evaluating their operations they had to make the decision to cut their stores and focusing on the e-commerce experience.

How many Disney stores are closing?

Overall there are more than 60 stores that are closing around North America for Disney.

There are several Disney stores in the lower mainland that you can find including one at Guilford Town Centre, Pacific Centre, and Metrotown. Those locations are found at Surrey, Vancouver, and Burnaby.

A sale will also be offered at the Surrey location and right now that means 20% off everything in the Disney store at Guilford Mall. It is expected that the popular inventory might run out before they even reach their official closing date in July for those Disney store locations.

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