New Risk Assessment Tool Coming For Canadians Who Have Been Fully Vaccinated

Over 30 million doses have been given out overall in Canada so far and that means that roughly 20% of the population is fully vaccinated.

Health workers have been giving out thousands of more vaccinations each day and recently drop-in clinics have popped up in B.C. and around Canada. Those pop up vaccination clinics are making it easier for people to get vaccinated too.

Soon, a risk assessment tool is expected for fully vaccinated people that will help them to be able to safely figure out what they might be able to do.

B.C. is on its own reopening plan and other provinces have also announced their own 2021 reopening plans for easing restrictions. What are things going to look like for those who are fully vaccinated now? That is what some want to know.

That risk assessment tool for fully vaccinated Canadians is expected to be a guide that will help Canadians to make an informed decision about what they can safely do. When they might be able to take off their masks or how to engage in social distancing and so on.

There is some confusion still as to how Canadians might start interacting with one another again normally as restrictions are eased. How is that social engagement going to go down the road in 2021? And this app is looking to help Canadians navigate that question.

Further communications are expected to be coming in the following weeks and months ahead on how those restrictions will be eased and what Canadians should do to get back to normal.

Canadian Risk Assessment Tool

The tool that is allegedly coming soon is reportedly likely going to offer a list of questions related to vaccination status of the individual, as well as questions about those you might be gathering with etc. It might consider local infection rates, what setting you plan to be in etc, and ultimately will help to give data that can enable individuals to make a more informed decision on what to do.

Things have started to ease on a variety of businesses and social activities within the province of B.C. and the reopening plan is underway with a lot more expected to open up over the summer.

Around B.C. right now the situation is still looking good as vaccination rates continue to climb daily. If things stay this way, cases stay down, then the next phase might similarly get the go-ahead like the others have too.

There is already talk about the border reopening in some sense this summer and that day might be coming soon as pressure continues to build for a border reopening, a move that some say is long overdue. Some have even taken out ad space to call out the U.S. and Canadian governments over their inaction to already move things along as far as reopening the border.

In recent weeks officials have indicated that those changes for the border reopening for recreational international travel are soon expected to be coming and presently being worked on.

The Canadian prime minister has recently indicated that the border reopening is a move which is likely to take place gradually and over the span of several weeks, just like we have seen with the pandemic reopening plans as well.

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