Multiple Companies Helping To Plant Over 30,000 Trees in Canada By Next Year

Canadian Companies Have Received Widespread Support Enabling Them To Plant Thousands Of Trees Around The County.

Just this year Shaw introduced their Shaw Tree Spree initiative in celebration of Earth Day 2021 which brought about the opportunity to turn digital trees into real life trees. They sought to plant one real tree for every tree that was planted by gamers with Shaw Tree Spree.

Over 9,000 trees were planted during Shaw Tree Spree, 9968 in total by in-game participants. They are going to double down on that goal now and plant even more trees by planning to plant 20,000 trees by next summer 2022.

The recent tree planting initiative by Shaw had invited gamers to play their favorite video games and then plant a tree in the game, take a screenshot and then send that in. For every screenshot of a tree planted virtually there would be one planted in real life.

They have partnered with Tree Canada to accomplish the goal and have been working together for years now to plant thousands of trees.

Another company, Quebec-based Medicom has also previously announced that in celebration of Earth Day that they too are going to help restore the earth by planting thousands of trees. They announced that they had plans to plant more than 10,000 trees in Canada. They are working with One Tree Planted which is a non-profit to accomplish that goal.

These companies and others are working to plant trees or make it easier for people today to plant trees. It could be buying a new piece of clothing from a shop like TenTree, a Canadian company that plants 10 trees with every purchase that gets made. Or it might be ordering corporate party favors that are tree seedlings to inspire others to plant.

There isn’t only one way to go about planting trees.

Photo by Adi K on Pexels.com

You might not get out there and directly plant the tree yourself but you can share information with others on how to plant trees, where to find deals on trees, and more. Planting trees could also look like giving to organizations that are dedicated to doing good by planting new trees in Canada or elsewhere as well.

There are a number of tree planting Canada 2021 initiatives taking place which will see thousands of new trees being planted around the country. Millions of people are in favor of planting trees and a variety of companies have sprung up to help make it easier today for people to do that.

Companies that plant trees when you make a purchase are providing more than just that good that you bought at the time. They provide convenience in accomplishing that tree planting goal. These companies are there to help to plant trees for you and make planting trees easy.

Planting trees isn’t easy for everyone and can be a difficult task. Therefore, making it easier can bring about more adoption, inspiring more people to get involved. It makes it convenient for them to do it, those who are willing to spend their dollars in support of more trees.

Aside from those companies that are working hard to make it easier to plant trees and inspire that activity, the government has its own plans for tree planting too. Canada plans to plant billions of trees over the next decade.

The planting of these new trees is a move that is expected to fuel a range of benefits. It is expected that it will help by fostering biodiversity, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and work toward creating new jobs.

Other benefits officials have noted in relation to those trees being planted include the potential for fewer floods, fewer forest fires, and habitat restoration.

The goal is to have at least 2 billion more trees planted in Canada by 2030. This is a program that will see billions of dollars being invested into it to support these efforts across the nation.

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