Booze And Mini Golf Event Coming to Several Canadian Cities

Who would have thought that mixing happy hour and mini-golf might be a hit? Well there is one mini-golf experience that is coming to several Canadian cities which will be pairing the two together.

Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary.

Those who want to attend the boozy mini golf will need to be of legal drinking age if they want to enter and the event is called The Smooth Putt which is being presented by Grey Goose Vodka.

There will be 9 holes overall in the mini golf course and in order to play during the event you will need to pick your time slot, date, and find 3 other people to join you. The last leg of the mini golf drinking tour is going to be in Vancouver in September. The boozy mini golf experience is going to be in each city for just 9 days.

Each ticket for the Grey Goose sponsored mini golf event is expected to come with one personalized vodka cocktail.

How much does The Smooth Putt Mini Golf Pop Up Experience Cost? The event is going to be $21

Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Pexels.com

You can find the Smooth Putt Mini Golf Pop Up Experience As Follows:

Toronto July 9 – July 18
Montreal July 24 – August 4
Calgary August 13 – August 22
Vancouver August 28 – Sept 6

Where will the Smooth Putt Mini Golf Pop Up Experience Be Located in BC?

The Vancouver Mini Golf Pop Up experience is going to be stationed around Waterfront Station – which is located at East Lot 531, 555 W. Cordova St., Vancouver, BC

Find more about it here

This is going to be a unique and fun outdoor summer experience for those who might be up for it. If you want to mix some drinking with mini golf then look for tickets at one of those four Canadian cities this summer.

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