Changes Coming to Canada-US Border This Summer

The border has been closed for more than one year now and many have been wondering when it is going to reopen. Now there is finally a plan in place. There has been talk about the US-Canada border reopening and soon those restrictions will start to be eased so that the border can open once again for international travel.

Canada has plans to move ahead with easing some restrictions soon for fully vaccinated Canadian citizens and permanent residents as well who might be crossing the border. Those who have been fully vaccinated and who are approved won’t need to undergo quarantine restrictions like they did in the past, they will have to reportedly prove vaccination status.

Right now the current border closing between Canada and the US is going on until July 21 under the current extension that was just approved. There are positive developments in this space though as far as the border reopening with Canada and US soon.

Millions are eager to travel again and industry experts as well as policy makers have been busy working toward a goal of when it might reopen sometime in the near future.

B.C. is already well underway with its own reopening plans and that means that restrictions are continually being lifted around the province. People can engage in indoor dining now, travel more, visit movie theaters, and slowly things are going back to normal.

Come fall we might see a much different picture as far as masks and social distancing goes, if they continue moving forward with their B.C. reopening 2021 plan that they have already underway.

Border towns are looking forward to the changes and the influx of tourism that is expected to follow once the border with US and Canada reopens eventually.

When will Canada start to reopen the border?

It looks like Canada’s going to begin with the phased border reopening this year sometime around the beginning of July, it is expected that it will take place July 5 2021.

We will still have to wait and see what other plans they come up with for reopening the border to those who might not be fully vaccinated or had any vaccination yet, those who don’t plan on it.

There are millions who are eager to get back to normal and travel, but travel restrictions still in place prevent many from doing just that.

How long will travel restrictions remain?

It is expected that at least until the end of July that those restrictions for travel will still be in place, aside from Canada moving at the beginning of July to ease some for those who are fully vaccinated.

Just last month the DHS had extended the American restrictions until July 21 2021. The restrictions continue to be extended on a monthly basis. The new plans that Canada has to slowly reopen the border is expected to be released in phases.

This is good news to those who have been waiting for more than a year now to find out when they might be able to travel again to visit family, friends, and start planning vacations as usual to new places and old.

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