Walmart In Terrace B.C. Plans to Go 100% Self Serve Only At Checkout

One Walmart location in Canada that is located in Terrace, B.C. is going to be experimenting with a new style of business which is self-serve checkout only. They are going to remove the traditional checkout lanes and now it will only be self-checkout counters for customers to be able to use. The plan is to get started late this summer.

We have already seen the self-serve checkout make their way into stores all across B.C., around Canada, and in other countries we have seen the same adoption. The rise of self-serve checkouts might not be favorable by everyone, but for the most part it offers convenience to the consumers.

Millions have been willing to use them an don’t mind checking out their groceries and other items this way.

At a number of stores in B.C. you can already find have made this transition, bringing in more self serve checkout options along with the traditional cashier checkout option too.

It has been previously predicted that perhaps at one point we might see the self-serve option prevail with the traditional checkout becoming harder and harder to find in the years to come.

At Walmart locations around B.C. you can find that they have some of the most self serve checkout lanes already in their stores, along with cashiers, compared to other grocery stores. It should not come as a total surprise that they might want to more further into this direction and adopt that technology where customers check themselves out.

At that Walmart store in B.C. the customers there have reportedly been using the self checkout in high numbers and so that is the location they’ve chosen for the experiment. It also isn’t the first Walmart store in the world to test the idea either.

There are a growing number of companies today that look to be going in this direction, whether that be adopting self serve checkout options or other technology that is available which they choose to implement into their business model to offer more convenience and cost efficiency overall.

Walmart has insisted that this transition is not going to mean any jobs lost and that even though there might be self serve checkouts that staff will still be nearby to help if there is a problem.

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