Restoring Oceans Through Seafood

Today Choices Market will be offering an online video seminar titled Restoring Our Oceans Through Seafood. This is a free community virtual event that is going to be between 7pm – 8:30 pm June 15 2021.

Learn about the possibilities of working to restore our oceans through seafood. The online video seminar is going to be discussing topics surrounding overfishing, common fishing methods, and restorative species as well as their potential benefit to the environment.

This is one of many free community events that is held by Choices Markets that is easy to find on their website and join in with. A variety of community seminars are held on topics surrounding the environment, self care and wellness, food habits, and more.

Is Seafood The Future Of Food?

Regenerative aquaculture species and restorative aquaculture is being promoted by the World Economic Forum and others as a key solution to be used for protecting the ocean.

The transformation in the market for capacity and sustainability too is already changing and there is great potential for a sustainable future with seafood. If you want to learn more about purchasing regenerative species when possible if you are out shopping for food then consider joining that free community event tonight with Choices Markets that is the Restoring Our Oceans through Seafood event.

If you are looking for sustainable seafood in the market then there are tools that can help.

Some brands have taken the step already to ensure that seafood sustainability is easy to navigate by labeling products that meet certain criteria. This means that they can label those seafood products as sustainable that they find to be abundant, resilient to fishing pressures, that are harvested in ways that limit damage to the marine and aquatic habitats, and more.

It is possible to navigate dinners out and grocery shopping in the market by purchasing more sustainable options that are better for the environment. This seminar from Choices Markets that is being offered June 15 2021 is one even that can help to give you those tools to better do that.

By making those choices to purchase more sustainable products in the seafood market when you can you are also helping to support those fishermen and communities who are working around the world to end overfishing; trying to better the ocean ecosystem overall.

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