Cultus Lake Waterpark Coming Back This Summer

Cultus Lake Waterpark is one of the best summer destinations in B.C. and they have recently announced that they are coming back this summer. There are going to be some changes though because of the pandemic.

They have been serving the B.C. community for decades and are one of the top family-friendly destinations to head to for some summer fun. They will be looking to open this summer both the Cultus Lake Adventure Park and the Cultus Lake Waterpark as well. The plan is to open both on June 24 2021.

When will Cultus Lake Waterpark Reopen? It looks like Cultus Lake Waterpark is going to be open Thursday June 24 to Monday September 6 2021, So Get Ready!

They are going to have reduced capacity just as we have seen other venues also experience even though they too have reopened for summer now. You can buy your tickets for the Cultus Lake Waterpark online.

Where is Cultus Lake Waterpark? 4150 Columbia Valley Hwy Cultus Lake, BC

Find out more and buy tickets here

There is plenty to see and do out at Cultus Lake in the summer. It might be going to Cultus Lake Waterpark or spending some time down by the water, or grabbing a bite to eat nearby. You will find many people boating in the summer in this region, having family picnics, and it gets busy quick when the weather is nice out during summer in B.C.

The Cultus Lake Waterpark is B.C.’s biggest water park and now that they are reopening for summer and getting ready to welcome guests to the park again it will be one of the most popular places for families and others to travel to this summer for some fun.

Overall, for those who are at Cultus Lake Waterpark they will be placing safety as a top priority for the employees and the customers as well. This is why you can expect to find a variety of pandemic-related restrictions that are in place for the business, such as capacity limits or mask requirements.

There are going to be limited options for food and beverages in the park but you will still be able to find some that are available during this summer season.

You can expect the Cultus Lake Waterpark to be open daily for several months until the beginning of Sept this year. If you are planning on a visit out to this ear this summer then you will find a great deal. This is because you can find two fantastic family friendly parks in one location with both the Cultus Lake Waterpark and the Cultus Lake Adventure Park.

Purchase your tickets to either the Cultus Lake Waterpark or the Cultus Lake Adventure Park for the 2021 summer season now.

Save 15% off of your Ticket

The tickets for this summer are available online now and if you are thinking about going somewhere like the Cultus Lake Adventure Park then you can look to use promo code CL2021 and see if that can get 15% off of your ticket. That 2021 summer season 15% off coupon is valid until June 30 2021.

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