Cinemas In B.C. Getting Ready To Open Next Week

The movie theaters have been closed for a long time but that is going to change soon, as they’re getting ready for an expected change next week. B.C. recently released the plans for the roadmap to reopening and that includes bringing back businesses like casinos, movies, and more.

Big movie hits are coming this summer, many of them postponed since last year, and some are already out like A Quiet Place 2,. However, movie theaters in B.C. haven’t been open to capitalize on them yet. Thousands of jobs have been at risk if these cinemas around B.C. and other parts of Canada don’t open again soon.

Already we see around the U.S. that a growing number of movie cinemas have been reopened but there are still a small portion of theaters that remain closed for now. It likely won’t be that much longer until all theaters are reopened completely as those pandemic restrictions continue to be eased.

Big Movies Coming In 2021:

No Time to Die

Fast & Furious 9

A Quiet Place 2

Top Gun: Maverick


The Batman


Black Widow

Halloween Kills

After months of forced closures now movie theaters in B.C. are planning to reopen

This is exciting for all of the movie goers in the province who have been patiently waiting for things to return to normal. The theaters are expected to open sometime next week if all goes well. According to the recently released roadmap for the province we can expect theaters in B.C. to open as early as June 15 2021 and that means they will start showing some of the biggest hits of the year that have already come out.

At theaters in other regions we can already see hits being played like Cruella, A Quiet Place 2, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It, and others.

It has been a long wait for those in B.C. for the movie cinemas to open up here again. If you are waiting to see a movie in B.C. then you might not have to wait much longer. You could be able to book tickets and start seeing showtimes as early as next week.

This means that for those who might have been hoping that they would get to see some movies this summer in B.C. that they will get that chance as soon as things move on to the next step of the reopening roadmap.

We have seen restrictions eased on indoor dining and other activities, soon they will lift for movie theaters, casinos, and more. By the fall things could look much different this year.

Making A Movie Comeback

Movie theaters have been struggling greatly through the pandemic and that has caused some to question about what the future of movie going might look like altogether in the next few years.

As people have shifted their entertainment habits throughout the pandemic will they be ready to get back to their old movie going ways? No doubt for many they still love the overall experience and it will always ring true that some movies are better experienced at the theater than at home. We might never see the end of the movie theater today as we know it because of that value that it continues to provide.

Movie chains have lost big during the pandemic, some of them losing tens of millions over the months that they have been forced to close. This has caused great pain for companies that haven’t been able to serve their customers for months now.

Just recently over Memorial Day weekend in the U.S. we saw cinemas get a boost of business. Some say that the movie theater market is poised for a huge comeback that could start soon.

Although movie cinemas in B.C. might start to reopen early next week and others that are still left closed in the market, there are still going to be pandemic-related restrictions for capacity and more.

It might still be some time yet before we do truly get back to a normal movie going experience once again. But for many in the movie industry and those looking to enjoy the fruits of it, the reopening of movie theaters in B.C. cannot come quick enough.

One movie that is already playing a big role in that comeback is A Quiet Place 2 which so far has managed to bring in more than $100 million and is still going strong.

That top spot just recently moved though after A Quiet Place 2 got knocked out of that first position by another big hit which was the recently released film The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. Both of these and those coming soon are expected to help to fuel this movie comeback in a big way this year.

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