Keep Going Back For The Coconut Shrimp

Romer’s is a great restaurant for a dinner date. If you want a good burger restaurant for a family event or special occasion, Romer’s has the best food and fantastic patio space too. There are several Romer’s locations to find as well around the Vancouver region.

Romer’s is a local spot that offers fresh food and craft beer. There are multiple locations in B.C. and you can find Romer’s by the water for a good patio space and outdoor lunch or dinner.

Romer’s offers great dishes like the coconut shrimp, classic burgers, cauliflower wings, and more. There are many great starter dishes if you want to just snack on something with friends and have some drinks.

Try the DONUTS

The donuts are delicious and truly a work of art. The ‘drunken donuts’ as they are called from Romer’s come with 3 different sauces and each one of those sauces is perfect on its own and incredibly delicious. This is the perfect sweet treat to end the night with and great to share for a date night.

Try their key lime pie or the salted caramel brownie if you prefer something different. Get chicken parm for dinner, steak, salads, or bowls. Their Bang Bang Chicken is another amazing dish worth trying if you are a chicken lover. That Bang Bang Chicken dish from Romer’s comes with tempura style chicken and red chilies with wasabi aioli, it’s refreshing, crispy, and perfect just the way that it is.

The coconut shrimp that they have on the menu is another reason worth going altogether. The coconut shrimp are the perfect seafood appetizer, crispy shrimp paired with a sweet sauce.

There are multiple locations for Romer’s burger bar and if you want a great restaurant to have a date night or celebrate a birthday or special occasion then you should do it here.

Romer’s is one of the best restaurants in Vancouver when you want craft beer, good patio space, and fresh food ideas. You can find the Romer’s location in Port Moody, the River District of Vancouver, as well as the Kitsilano region of Vancouver as well. You can either order for takeaway and get it through a delivery app or you can dine in with a friend or date.

The next time you want to support local, support a small restaurant, and have good food in the process, then look to Romer’s burger bar that has a wide variety of delicious menu items to draw you in.

Romer’s is a burger restaurant that is supporting local craft draft artisans and has a variety of drink options on the menu. If you are looking for a good place for drinks in Vancouver then Romer’s fits the bill. Head over to Romer’s for drinks first, ambiance second, and third for food if you’re hungry.

At Romer’s you will find that they offer great food on the menu and fantastic drinks, along with great business hours. Whether you want an early dinner or a late date night, Romer’s has you covered. They also make it easier than ever to order their food and enjoy it at home. The multiple locations also make it easy to find one that is convenient to go to.

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