Crazy Demand For BTS McDonald’s Meal

The BTS McDonald’s meal is going all around the world and it is already seeing huge demand. This shouldn’t come as any surprise as BTS has one of the biggest fan bases all over the world, millions of fans will be eager to get out and get this meal.

The BTS McDonald’s Meal consists of the regular drink, fries, and nuggets, but you get the 2 new sauces.

Above you can see the 2 new sauce options that come with the BTS meal, which are the cajun sauce and sweet chili sauce. These are great sauces and are going to be making their way all around the world as the BTS meal enters many different countries.

You can already find the BTS meal in countries like Canada, United States, and other countries. It won’t be available for long, and there is already crazy demand for the BTS nugget meal.

BTS Nugget Meal Coming to Dozens of Countries

The plan is for the BTS meal to make its way to Canada, the U.S., South Korea, Australia, Brazil, India, and other regions.

This is also only going to be available for a limited time and we are seeing an insane amount of demand for the meal and new sauces, packaging too.

There are millions of BTS fans around the world and they are sure to get out and get this meal to support their favorite group. Some McDonald’s locations have had to shut down because of the chaos over the BTS meals.

Some might still be asking When is McDonalds BTS meal available? and for millions of people it is already widely available and has been seeing a crazy amount of demand. This has been a successful partnership with BTS and McDonald’s already, that much is clear.

The BTS meal from McDonald’s was first introduced in 11 countries and eventually will make its way to dozens of countries, almost 50.

People from Vietnam, Bulgaria, and other countries around the world will be able to grab the BTS meal for themselves. This means getting the new sauce as well as getting the nugget meal with the new packaging.

They have BTS packaging on the fries, drinks, and McDonald’s bag too.

They recently saw so much demand in Indonesia for the BTS meal from McDonald’s that the restaurant turned into chaos with dozens of delivery drivers showing up.

Millions of people are eager to try the BTS McDonald’s meal which is essentially a McDonald’s nugget meal with 2 new types of sauces that are inspired by the k-pop group.

Just recently there were dozens of locations in Indonesia that had to shut down temporarily because of the demand that they were seeing with all of the popularity surrounding this new meal.

McDonald’s has engaged in popular and lucrative partnerships in the past with celebrations and to celebrate different movies etc, and this BTS partnership with McDonald’s is sure to turn out to be one of the most successful they’ve come up with.

This just goes to show how many fans there are out there for BTS that are ready and willing to support the group.

BTS Around The World

It also helps that they’ve partnered in coming up with a meal that includes food people also enjoy and love around the world. Some people have even been selling the BTS McDonald’s packaging online. You can find people selling the McDonald’s BTS sauces, cups, boxes, and more.

The high demand for the BTS meal is real and McDonald’s might even need to hire many more employees just to keep up with the demand that they will see from this.

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  1. I’ve heard about it! I’m a huge fan of BTS, but I don’t think it’s so good to show hurry in this pandemic situation. I’m also excited for having the meal, after all it’s BTS but I think I should wait. Anyways, you like BTS?

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