Playland Opening This Weekend In Vancouver

Playland is going to be reopening tomorrow and that means that one of the most exciting events of the summer is back! Tickets for Playland in Vancouver are going to be limited and so if you want to secure any you should look early. The tickets that you book are also going to be date-specific so you will want to make sure that you have planned the right day to go.

Things Might Change for PNE 2021

The PNE has been cancelled earlier this year but now organizers are saying that maybe we might see the Fair at the PNE go ahead in 2021 by August.

Both the Fair at the PNE and Playland are big draws in the summer. These are family-friendly events to attend but also great for people of all ages to go and have some fun at the fair.

For Playland reopening this weekend there are going to be some changes in place, such as limited capacity and distancing rules etc. Masks will also be required when people are in line for a ride or on a ride etc, as well as when they’re walking through the park.

Catch rides like the Music Express, wooden roller coaster, and Revelation, among others.

When will Playland Vancouver be open 2021? The event is going to be running from June 11 until Sept. 12.

Will PNE 2021 be happening?

If things continue to go well in British Columbia as far as vaccination rates go then we might also see some version of the Pacific National Exhibition open up in 2021 too.

There is a new reopening plan underway for B.C. and eventually that could mean less distancing and masks by this fall. It had been previously announced that the PNE 2021 was not going to go ahead but now things might change.

With the recently announced B.C. reopening plan 2021 it was detailed that by summer we might see large public events again, like concerts and festivals, if the vaccination rate gets to 70% in the province. Organizers of the PNE have indicated that this is fantastic news for them and it brings back some hope that we might get some sort of PNE experience this summer if things go well.

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