Road Trips Will Be Winning This Summer For Travelers

Millions of travelers are planning on taking a vacation this summer and many of them plan on doing it by driving to their destination. Right now in B.C. there are travel restrictions and the border is still closed for more than a year now too. But in the coming weeks ahead this might slowly change.

For many families and other individuals who are planning a summer vacation it seems the most popular method will be driving this summer.

If the cases in the province continue to go down and vaccination rates grow then we will see more restrictions eased around the province. If that happens then people will be able to plan more long distance trips. Considering that the border is still closed it is no surprise that driving will be the most popular method for millions in the months ahead.

A number of British Columbians are ready and have already planned their trips this summer. They are planning trips to Whistler, to visit wineries in the Okanagan, and other areas. Now that millions have had their first dose they aren’t afraid to get on the ferry or plan a long distance vacation somewhere else in the province.

The same has been seen for those in the United States too, millions are planning road trips this year for their vacations.

Will There Be A Record Breaking Camping Year Ahead?

BC Parks are expecting to see a busy record breaking year this year and a variety of campsites have already been filling up quickly and seeing high demand for the year. If things continue to go well as far as restrictions being further eased around the province and the country then we can expect to see tourism grow quickly.

The tourism industry has lost billions around Canada since the pandemic and that has impacted thousands of businesses around the country.

The reopening in BC and around Canada cannot come soon enough for many who are struggling still. With the newly announced reopening plan for BC it’s expected that by fall we could see much more of a new normal to the point of masks becoming only a personal choice and perhaps social distancing a thing of the past.

BC Reopening Plan 2021 Progress

We have seen an easing on restrictions for gatherings, indoor dining recently, among other changes, and soon more businesses will get the green light to open. This summer we might be seeing casinos open once again, movie theaters, and see a more open economy in B.C. than we saw last year. Playland in Vancouver will be opening next weekend and there are now talks of the border possibly reopening in stages sometime soon as well.

Will we see the border being open for summer this year? Nothing is clear yet and no roadmap for that has been released yet. A fully reopened border with everything back to normal as we might have experienced pre-pandemic could still be months away. We know that we won’t be seeing cruise ships until next year, unless officials make a move to change that.

A Busy Summer Ahead for BC Parks

With road trips looking like the most popular travel method that means there will be many people looking to rent campers and RVs. Traveling this way gives individuals and families a method of going on vacation and staying socially distanced at the same time. If they see the demand like they saw last year then many dealers might soon run out of their available stock.

There are a wide variety of BC parks in the province and campgrounds to find for those who are looking to plan a good vacation. BC has family-friendly campgrounds that make for the perfect getaway. There is plenty of variety for campgrounds around the province and tools available today that make it easier than ever to plan a road trip and vacation somewhere in the province.

Where would you plan the perfect BC Vacation?

It might be surfing in Tofino, having some wine and cheese in Kelowna, relaxing at a spa in downtown Vancouver, or having a fun family weekend in Whistler. All around the province you can find new things to experience, great hotels to stay in, vibrant communities to discover, and great things to learn. There are a variety of travel options and ways to get around the province when you are looking to travel for any vacation and for this summer it’s no surprise that many British Columbians will be opting for a road trip to get there.

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