Fire Concerns Growing In Okanagan After Record Dry Spring

Right now North and Central Okanagan both have growing fire concerns because of one of the driest springs they have seen on record. The dry conditions are increasing the risk of fires in the region and they have seen very little rain.

The spring season of 2021 is one of the driest seasons they have seen in the record books and now the fire danger ratings around the region have been pushed to extreme in some areas.

They are watching the situation closely and the wildfire crews have been very busy in the province having already responded to dozens of fire.

It isn’t unusual to have a variety of wildfires around the province, we had a number of them last year and years prior. Last year dozens of wildfires were reported burning in British Columbia and many of them were reported around Kelowna.

Those wildfires have also played a noticeable role in damaging the air quality in the region too.

In the past there are hundreds of homes around the province that have been damaged from wildfires. These wildfires around the Okanagan and other areas have caused hundreds of millions in damage as well.

For those who have lived in the region for many years they are likely to have experienced a number of wildfire events. Some individuals or families might have gone through it several times already, receiving multiple warnings that they too might have to abandon their home for safety if it gets too close. It’s a scary situation to be in and thousands of British Columbians have faced it before.

Air Quality Concerns

Some experts are now also warning that the wildfire smoke around the province might also spread pathogens. They note that there is growing concern about the health risks potentially associated with this.

Right now wildfire crews in B.C. are busy and things could get a lot busier this summer for them as they have in the past around the province.

Crews around the province are already getting prepared and will be prepared for anything as we have seen these fires get out of control before with emergencies declared in British Columbia because of them.

The B.C. government has spent tens of millions fighting these fires around the province. They’ve even used drones to help them map and possibly help fight them by preventing them too.

The hard work of wildfire crews has helped to save many communities around the province. They are now hoping that they might get some more rain in the Okanagan region soon to help offset those extremely dry conditions they’ve been dealing with as the wildfire season starts heating up.

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