Could The Border Reopen For Fully Vaccinated Travelers Soon?

When will the Canada-US border open again? That is the question that millions are asking. Families have been waiting more than one year to see each other because the border has been closed to non-essential travel. There has been growing pressure to open the border but no clear plan from officials on when that might change.

Just recently, it has been announced that the country might now be looking at a multi-stage approach to changing that though. This might mean a gradual loosening of those COVID-19 restrictions. The current closure of the border is in place for several weeks still and some suspect that by July we might see things start opening slowly at the border with the US and Canada.

Urgently developing biometric security after COVID-19

It’s also reported that Canada is urgently developing biometric technology for use at the border as well, to deal with growing issues related to COVID-19. In the next several years we might see more biometric security be unveiled around Canada and the world as security agencies continue to move in this direction.

As far as reopening the border with the US and Canada it is expected that at first only fully vaccinated individuals from the US might be able to enter. This is what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently suggested when talking about that border reopening plan with the US. We see vaccination rates climbing around the US and Canada and now we’re left wondering when will the border with US and Canada reopen? It could start this year.

The details are still being worked out for the border reopening. It isn’t clear if this plan will be implemented as early as late June which is when the current restrictions are expected to expire. Many are hoping that this summer will be much better than the last and for many that means being able to travel again to the US and visit friends, family, or just do a bit of shopping.

There are still COVID-19 restrictions in place for B.C. and other Canadian provinces right now. However, reopening plans have been announced for provinces like B.C. and slowly those restrictions are going to be eased. Over the coming months things are going to be returning more to normal and by the fall that could mean no more masks or social distancing.

As for the border with the US and Canada reopening soon it might come first for those who are fully vaccinated.

Over the next few weeks we can expect more to come on those plans for reopening the Canada US border and we might start to see things change as early as June 22 2021. However, that isn’t that far off from now and the plan on the border reopening for Canada isn’t clear yet.

When it comes to verifying those who are fully vaccinated that might also prove to be troublesome. This has prompted a concern with many over the last year already that vaccine passports might become a reality in the future. However, President Biden has negated that idea saying no federal passport will come about. There are reportedly no plans for such vaccine passports in Canada either.

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