Who Knew Adopting A Street Could Be So Easy

At first when you see the Adopt A Street signs you might assume that this means financially adopting a street in the community, but there are other ways to adopt a street.

Adopting a street in B.C. could also mean taking care of a specific region. This might include taking on the responsibility of cleaning the street, making sure that the trash and unwanted debris is removed regularly.

For those individuals that are interested in adopting a street in a B.C. community, such as Surrey for example, it could be as little as once a month going out to clean the street. You could adopt a street and have the city supply you with a bag and pick-up tool so that you can do the job in helping to keep neighborhoods clean.

How easy would it be to clean up if the tools that you needed were provided for you? It’s also great that you don’t need to do it that often, it’s very flexible and you could do it as little as once a month.

Ideally, those who are adopting a street are expected to make a commitment of doing that clean-up for 2 years, in some programs it might be less. This time requirement might keep some from doing it but it hasn’t prevented all from becoming interested.

Adopt A Street Program

You will see a variety of volunteers who have signed up and taken to cleaning different parts of their own communities around B.C. The Adopt A Street program is a great way to inspire the community to get more engaged and help to keep the streets clean.

The best part is that the tools can be supplied for those who might be interested and that could be the one thing that gets even more individuals interested in volunteering.

You can find a similar Adopt A Block program in Vancouver, and other Adopt A Street programs in cities in B.C. like Coquitlam. There is also the B.C. Adopt a Highway effort too that sees community volunteers come out to not only help clean but also help report invasive plant species, as well as engage in landscape beautification.

There are many reasons why you might want to learn more about and get involved in the adopt a street program. It is a chance to help do good and give back to the community. You could also explore new communities and see new places in B.C. by adopting a street in a certain region that you will make a commitment to visiting often over an extended period of time.

Are you looking to spend more time at the beach? Or outdoors with a nice view on a beautiful day? Then why not adopt a street and get both done at the same time. You can get out and have fun while still doing good. You never know what new friends you might meet or people you might come across. The Adopt a Street or Adopt a Block programs etc, these are a great chance to get outdoors, to get more exercise, and to get inspired to do something good for your community and others.

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  1. I once had a fit at a community mtg when a bunch of people were bitching about the city not routinely cleaning up their alley. They refused to organize and do it themselves… lazy, entitled, jerks wanted only to complain and have someone else do the work. I hope it’s still a disaster!!


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