Tim Horton’s New Craveables Sandwiches

Tim Horton’s has some delicious new sandwiches called craveables and they come in a variety of flavors. You can get the Tim Horton’s craveables with pulled pork, chicken, roast beef, or chicken ranch.

Tim Horton’s BBQ Pulled Pork Craveables
Buffalo Chicken Ranch Craveables
Crispy Chicken Craveables
Roast Beef Craveables Sandwich

These are the 4 available right now if you are looking for a new sandwich to order that’s quick, available for a good price, and tastes good.

How much are the new Tim Horton’s craveables?

It depends on where you might be ordering. Ordering through third party delivery apps for example might mean you see a different price. For ordering in B.C. just recently through Skip The Dishes delivery app the sandwiches each came to $4.94.

The Tim Horton’s craveables are a good size and one alone would be filling. If one would do you for lunch or dinner then that $4.94 is an affordable price for many. The craveables from Tim Horton’s come on telera buns and of all of them I would say that the pulled pork was the best. The buffalo chicken ranch craveables sandwich was the close runner up.

Tim Horton’s has a lot more than just coffee and sandwiches too, for those who might not be familiar with the establishment. They have tea, smoothies, ‘milkshakes’ or chill drinks like the Vanilla Creamy Chill that looks more like a vanilla shake with sprinkles on top.

Tim Horton’s is a great option when you are looking for fast and affordable in B.C. There are multiple ways to order and it makes it more convenient than ever. The variety of menu items to choose from is also great for families, when everyone might want something a little different.

2021 Tim Horton’s Craveables Sandwiches

Stay cool in the summer with a Vanilla Creamy Chill or fill up quick on a Tim Horton’s craveables sandwich like the BBQ Pulled Pork Craveables if you love pulled pork. The Buffalo Chicken Ranch Craveables option was definitely a close runner up and the Roast Beef Craveables Sandwich coming in after that.

If you are looking for affordable and tasty lunch options check out the new craveables on the Tim Horton’s menu right now in Canada.

The Craveables sandwiches from Tim Horton’s were recently announced this year as part of their menu upgrade. They have also made changes in announcing a new dark roast coffee and that they will be using freshly cracked Canadian eggs in breakfast sandwiches.

The use of the Tim Horton’s mobile continues to see crazy success in Canada these days. This is no surprise as Tim Horton’s is one of the most popular coffee and restaurant places across the country. People go here for more than just their daily coffee and doughnuts. For years now the Tim Horton’s mobile app has been growing steady with new monthly users. The newly announced craveable sandwiches are sure to turn out to be a success because they taste great.

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