No Rush On Reopening US-Canada Border For Now

The border has been closed for more than one year now. The border being closed has brought significant decline to the economies of areas like Point Roberts, Blaine, and other border regions. These communities depend on tourists. When millions of those tourists aren’t coming in that is going to make a difference. Restaurants, cafes, hotels, they are all feeling the pinch of decline from tourism.

Families on either side, couples, and others, have been waiting patiently for the border between the US and Canada to reopen. Right now it isn’t clear when it might open for good. Lawmakers in the US have pushed for a reopen but there is no roadmap right now for when the border between Canada and the US will reopen.

Duty Free Shops In Canada

Canadian duty free shops are asking the government to give them some help. They have been seeing that significant decline in business and that has meant having to throw goods out. These duty free shops help to bring in tens of millions each year to the country.

Many have been asking when is the Canada-US border going to reopen? Especially now that vaccination rates are growing and B.C. just recently announced its reopening plan. But it is clear that there is no rush for Canadian authorities to make this happen. We also know that cruise ships won’t be coming in until next year.

Until the border does reopen again for non-essential travel then those communities that usually get a lot of traffic are going to continue to suffer. Families are still waiting to visit with one another again, and it has been more than a year that some have been down to check their mailboxes etc.

Travel Back To Normal For Canada-US Border By 2022?

According to the recently announced BC reopening plan 2021 it looks like we should be seeing less masks and other COVID-19 restrictions by fall. If vaccination rates in the province continue to climb and COVID-19 cases go down then they will progress with their plans. This means increasingly we will see those COVID-19 restrictions eased and more freedom for recreational travel around the country and internationally.

It isn’t likely that they would reopen the US-Canada border before Sept because there are several other pandemic restrictions in place for the province and other provinces are also still under restrictions.

Officials haven’t declared any certainty for when we might see the reopening of the US-Canada border again and because of that it could be months away still. We might not see the border reopen for non-essential travel until 2022, that is when we will see cruise ships coming back again too.

There are ads currently circulating that are pushing for a reopening of the US-Canada border and there has been pressure for months now. Many might be wondering when we might see it go back to normal. If we can’t be certain of when that might be at least some sort of rough roadmap to get us there would be better than nothing.

For all of the businesses that are still suffering right now that reopening cannot come early enough. Regardless of the pressure for a reopening of the US-Canada border however it does look like we might still be faced with that closure for some time. Right now that present closure has been extended until the end of June and there isn’t any reopening deadline that has been set yet.

Despite vaccination rates climbing in Canada and the US we might not see that border reopen for non-essential travel until after the summer. This is when other pandemic restrictions are also expected to be lifted, if things continue going well and they don’t see a surge again of cases and hospitalizations.

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