Free Boating Safety Lessons In Kelowna This Summer

Kelowna Yacht Club is offering a special opportunity this summer to get some free boat lessons. For anyone who might be looking to get more educated and comfortable about getting out onto the water, this is a great course to catch.

Thanks to a grant from Transport Canada it has all been made possible. Anyone over 13 is able to take advantage of this course and it is free. There is no charge for taking this chance to learn more about boats and safety about being on the water.

Boating Safety 101 in Kelowna

The Boating Safety 101 course is available this summer and will teach about cold water risks, boating equipment, safety basics, and more.

For anyone in the Kelowna region who might be looking to get more comfortable with boating then this is the perfect opportunity. Take the chance to enroll in this course and learn about the basics to do with boat safety, boating equipment, wearing your life jacket, knowing about potential boating hazards, and more.

Boating is becoming more popular around B.C. and especially in summer there are many opportunities to get onto the water.

There are many beautiful lakes and rivers around the B.C. area to explore. If you are wanting to get out on the water and do some boating then why not cover the basics first with safety?

As far as renting a boat in Vancouver, there are some places in Vancouver that will give you a day license when you rent the boat. This way when you rent the boat you yourself do not need to first have a boating license in that circumstance. This is just one option though for renting a boat in Vancouver.

If you want to learn more though there are a variety of opportunities around B.C. and online etc, to learn more about boating. What if you are looking for free ways to learn more about boating though? Then this is one of the best of them that’s going on this summer in B.C.

Photo by iSAW Company on Pexels.com

If you are in the Kelowna are and have been wanting to learn more about boat safety then this is your chance to do it.

You will be learning from experienced people who work in the boating industry, as this is put on by the Kelowna Yacht Club itself. Learning online or in books is one thing, but here you can get hands-on experience with getting onto the water in B.C. and doing some boating.

For anyone who might be looking to become more familiar with Canadian waterways and nailing down the basics in boating safety this could be the best opportunity this summer to do it.

The Kelowna Boating Safety 101 course is reportedly going to be going on for several weeks this summer, until Sept later this year. It will give those who take the course the opportunity to learn about the basics and technical aspects that are part of operating a boat on the waterways.

This summer is expected to be a busy year for BC Parks and boat rentals too. Boat dealers in Vancouver are already seeing steady demand before summer. There will be many more getting out onto the Canadian waterways in this region.

Before getting out onto the water it is best to know the basics and be familiar with things like how to put on a life-jacket, how to be prepared for a boating trip, how to use boating equipment, how to safely navigate the boat, and more.

For those who take the free boating course in Kelowna this summer then they are going to be able to complete it and get the Boating License itself, which is the PCOC or Pleasure Craft Operators Card.

The free boating course includes an online virtual orientation class and several hours of practical learning that take place out on the water too. That out on the water training will be with an experienced instructor from the Kelowna Yacht Club. This is a great chance for a one of a kind opportunity to get some experienced hands-on knowledge with boating in B.C. this summer.

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