Mother of 2 From Chilliwack Found Dead Near Coquitlam

Mother of 2 from Chilliwack Shaelene Keeler Bell had been reported missing after she was last seen on Jan 30. Her vehicle had allegedly been found located in a semi remote location and her belongings were also inside the vehicle, this reportedly included her phone.

The car was a 2021 Hyundai Tucson, grey, and was found allegedly on Ballam Road near the entrance of the Peg Leg Bar venue. A search has been conducted but there had been no sign for months.

Just recently, the body of Bell has been found near Coquitlam

The body has now just been found months after it was reported that Shaelene Keeler Bell had gone missing. The family is still reportedly in shock after finding out the news and it’s also reported that the investigation has been concluded.

They say that there is no evidence to support any criminal involvement in the death.

Still, the B.C. Coroners Service will be conducting their own fact-finding investigation that will be seeking to determine how, when, where etc, this death might have come about for Bell.

It’s reported that the body of Shaelene Bell was found in the Fraser River. It was reported that she last went for a drive and was never seen again but her car was found in Chilliwack and now her body ends up near Coquitlam in the Fraser River.

The thought that there might not be anything suspicious or criminal surrounding the death of Shaelene Bell might come as a surprise to many. However, her family allegedly notes that she might have been struggling emotionally leading up to her disappearance but we cannot know what was going on in her mind for certain.

A GoFundMe has been set up previously to raise funds for the investigation and to help the family. That fundraiser has successfully brought in over $14k so far for the cause.

It’s reported that they had searched the river earlier in the year after she was reported missing, and there had been no signs of Bell. They used helicopters, divers, and volunteers etc but nothing was found, the same story for months. Hundreds of posters had been spread across the community and it is just recently that the body had reportedly been discovered on Monday morning.

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