No Shortage of Donuts in Vancouver

When you want hot and fresh doughnuts in B.C. there are no shortage of options. Especially around the Lower Mainland. In Vancouver alone you can find popular names like Cartems Donuts, Lee’s Donuts, the Canadian-wide chain Tim Horton’s, and others. Coffee and donut choices are endless and Vancouver is serving some of the best donuts around right now.

One in particular that you should check out this summer is from Cartems Donuts. You can find their location on Pender or the one on Main St in Vancouver.

They just recently announced a monthly alert special for June and it was the Berry Lover’s Dream donut that is perfect for any proper berry lover.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

June Donut at Cartem’s

The berry lover’s dream donut from Cartems Donuts offers a blueberry glaze with strawberry, on top of a yeast donut, and berries on top. It is going to be available at their stores throughout the month.

The Berry Lover’s Dream donut special can also be ordered on a GF cake too. Cartems donuts truly serves some of the freshest and best donuts in the city.

If you are looking for a cool cafe to check out and have the best donuts you have ever tried then a stop here must be on the list. It’s popular with tourists and locals because of the quality you get when you order.

But of course they aren’t the only option. There are plenty of donut options around Vancouver if you are looking for some of the best then you could check out those above. Tim Horton’s is one of the most popular places to grab coffee and donuts with millions of Canadians for a reason. They’ve got good prices, arguably good food, and they offer fast service.

Lee’s Donuts on Granville Island

Lee’s Donuts on Granville island is an iconic place to grab a snack. This operation has been in business for decades in Vancouver.

Lee’s Donuts offers fresh donuts with flavors like butter crunch, cookie monster, sprinkle iced rings, and several others. The top that off you are also in one of the most beautiful places in the city too which is Granville Island. This cool donut spot can be found at the Granville Island Public Market. This donut spot in Vancouver is the perfect place to go when you want the best sort of donuts that can be found in the city.

Tim Horton’s

Birthday Cake and Vanilla Dip timbits from Tim Horton’s

There are many locations to find Tim Horton’s when you want donuts, coffee, and other food. The best thing about Tim Horton’s is that you can find great hours, fast service, and a wide variety of food options. They’ve got soup, chili, sandwiches, and other food items. It isn’t just donuts and coffee here.

Find Tim Horton’s at schools, airports, in malls, this is one of the most successful chains across Canada. That is because millions of people prefer Tim Horton’s for their coffee, they continue to go back for more.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme is another option, well known with millions today. They aren’t that close though if you want something that is located in downtown Vancouver. The Krispy Kreme in the lower mainland is in Delta. For Krispy Kreme options in B.C. This is the only one that there is right now.

The distance to this Krispy Kreme if you are leaving Vancouver at around Main St and Terminal, it would be at least a 30 min drive to get there. There are public transportation options that could also get you there and that would take at least 1 hour, depending on when you plan your trip there.

It might not be the closest one to downtown if you want some donut shops in Vancouver to order from. However, for those who are in town and craving Krispy Kreme it is good to know that the craving can be met if you want it to be.

There are plenty of different donut shops to checkout around Vancouver. When you want to know where you can buy good donuts in Vancouver then these are the names to consider. Krispy Kreme being a top alternative if you are looking outside of Vancouver for donuts too.

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