New Action Vowed After Mass Grave Discovered

The recent news about the discovery of the mass grave of Indigenous children in Canada has sparked outrage and pain around the country. This is a disgraceful part of Canada’s history that included having Indigenous children removed from their families and forced to attend residential schools that were mostly operated by the Catholic Church.

The remains of 215 children were found at the site of a former school for those Indigenous children in Kamloops. This region at one point at the largest residential school in the country.

Not all of the residential schools in Canada were operated by the Catholic Church but many of them were. This is why the Pope had previously been asked to offer an apology for the church’s role in the horrible events that took place. However, Pope Francis reportedly rejected that appeal from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau several years ago.

This system that separated so many families from their loved ones fell into decline many years ago back in the 1970s. The very last of the schools had closed back in 1996.

The National Truth and Reconciliation Commission had investigated and discovered that more than 4,000 students died while they were attending these schools.

The same group had also reportedly determined that these Canadian residential schools were in effect a type of cultural genocide. They also allegedly found evidence of neglect as well as mistreatment of the children that attended those schools.

How did the children die at those residential schools in Canada you ask? It’s reported that many of them suffered from mistreatment, neglect, disease, and some died from accidents.

For some families that lost their children they might have never heard from them again and still be left wondering what happened. This is a painful history and wrong that was inflicted upon the Indigenous community in Canada.

Now Indigenous groups are calling on the government to help identify those graves and many across the nation are mourning the deaths of those children.

Now the Canadian Indigenous services minister also says that the Pope needs to issue an apology for the incident as far as the role that the church played overall in the school system.

There is new support to also help find more potential unmarked graves at the former schools that took in those Indigenous children.

Flags have been lowered around the country in mourning, various memorial spots have been established, and vigils are being planned. The pain and shock of this story that has touched millions now.

This has been truly devastating for many and the community is now seeking some healing for the pain and they want to see justice for those children and families.

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  1. This is very sad and if we look back at European colonisation and religion we can see similar related events around the world. While we should put pressure on the Chinese government for what they are doing currently we must remember that there are examples in our recent histories of similar treatment of the “other”.


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