Is It Too Early For Nightclubs This Summer?

Nightclubs in B.C. are planning their reopening for this summer, possibly by as early as July 1. But when asked if people feel comfortable with going to nightclubs this early or not in a recent survey through News1130Radio it was seen that 75% said that they don’t feel comfortable with this yet.

B.C. is moving forward now with the reopening plan for the province and that means gradually we will see more places and businesses open up. Already we see indoor dining on once again and soon there will be more room for outdoor gatherings as well as with those in indoor spaces.

More businesses such as movie theaters, casinos, and nightclubs, are going to open up, and by fall we will see masks become a personal choice rather than something that is required.

However, despite those businesses being open this summer there might be many who are still nervous about going out for business as usual. Some think the reopening is happening too quickly and by that recent survey it’s clear that quite a few would still be nervous about doing anything this summer like going to a nightclub.

We can see that outdoor activities are picking up though, as the weather gets nicer and people look to explore parks, campgrounds, and beaches around the province.

All of those plans for the B.C. reopening 2021 won’t happen though if they see another surge in cases or any ‘4th wave’ of the pandemic. If things stay going well with cases going down then it might not be that long before things are more back to normal in the region.

Getting Back To Business in B.C.

Restaurants, casinos, and a variety of businesses, have been struggling greatly in the region over the past year. With tourism coming to a stop thanks to the border being closed to non-essential travel this has also hurt hotels, cafes, and other businesses all over the province.

Social gatherings are still restricted for now, as well as recreational travel, physical distancing measures are still in place, as well as mask rules most everywhere that you go. Slowly we see that things are changing though.

Things might still be restricted in a number of ways but there is more hope now, more clarity that came with that roadmap recently announced for the B.C. reopening 2021 plans. And we know how we are going to get to that full B.C. reopening and what the path might look like on the way there.

As far as seeing cruise ships come back though through the B.C. region and on to places like Alaska, we won’t be seeing that come until next year. It also isn’t clear when the border might reopen for non-essential travel as well. But with vacation rates climbing it might not be that much longer.

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