Work From Home Appealing To Most Today

Not only do many people want to work from home today but they also want a flexible working situation.

Employers that are looking to hire and retain today might need to think about making the working from home situation a permanent solution if they find it hard to find new team members.

Some employees have even indicated that they will be willing to quit their job and look for something else if they are forced to return to the office.

After being without normal social interactions for months it is no surprise that many are feeling a bit of anxiety about the return. Some aren’t ready to go back to the way things were and engaging in those social activities once again.

The office doesn’t look as appealing as working from home does for so many today. It offers more flexibility for people to do and take care of other things, but it isn’t for everyone.

There are some who thrive in the team environment, bouncing ideas off of one another, and who can’t wait to get back to that atmosphere. The new hybrid job opportunities might become more common after the pandemic, now that so many are demanding a work from home sort of situation.

It’s estimated that some 4 out of 5 workers don’t want to go back to the office full time. And can you blame them? Other surveys have found that some might be willing to turn down a raise if it means getting to stay working from home too. The appeal for millions is clearly there.

After working from home for months now, some more than a year, it might be a situation they are not ready to give up on yet.

BC Reopening Plan 2021

B.C. is already moving forward with its own reopening plans and that means we could see things really back to normal by the fall. that means that social distancing and masks would be far less common, becoming a personal choice rather than something that is required in public indoor settings etc. That BC reopening plan means over the next few months we will see many more businesses opening up, bringing thousands of employees back to the office and other areas of work too.

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