Playland Is Coming Back On June 11

Playland is going to officially reopen again for summer this season and the plan is to open again on June 11.

Playland is going to be open but there will be reduced capacity still and other pandemic measures in place like physical distancing requirements.

Travel restrictions are still in place for B.C. but we are on our way through the reopening plan. That means that over the next few months many more businesses will open again, restrictions will continually be eased. By September we might not see any more masks or social distancing, that might soon become a thing of the past.

If cases continue going down, hospitalizations, and vaccination rates keep climbing etc, then it is expected that we will move steadily through the reopening roadmap for B.C. and be well on our way to that normal once again.

Indoor dining is going on once again, more outdoor and indoor activities, and even more to come this summer. It is shaping up to be a much better summer than it was last year and that will stay the course if hospitalizations don’t increase.

When will Playland Open 2021?

Playland is planning to open through the summer from June 11 to Sept 12. The PNE is going to be set aside though for another year because of the pandemic. They made that announcement earlier that we will not see any PNE 2021. This means thousands of people who often work the fair during the summer aren’t going to have that opportunity this year.

They should be back again next summer though and all back to normal then.

What to expect with Playland 2021 season:
You can expect reduced capacities at Playland this year, enhanced cleaning procedures around the venue, and physical distancing in place. As well there will be masks that are required by guests when they are on rides, in games areas, and in all queue lines for goods.

The tickets for Playland 2021 are also going to be limited because of those capacity restrictions and will be date-specific. This means you will need to book ahead of time and ensure you’ve got the right date that you want.

How much are tickets to Playland? This year on their site tickets are selling between $29.50 to $39.50.

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