The Best Thing About Food Trucks

What I love about food trucks is that you get to support small business in your area. It can be very costly for a food business to open their own physical store location and a much cheaper option is often to go with a food truck.

This is a great way to test a culinary concept and see if the idea is going to work. Farmers markets around Metro Vancouver have had food trucks for some time now.

You can go to the farmers markets and find just about anything being served from these trucks. They often have some of the best local food that you can find. And this summer you will be able to find many food trucks stationed around Vancouver and the Lower Mainland that are serving delicious eats.

Summer Food Truck Fest is Coming

Photo by Kampus Production on Pexels.com

The summer food truck fest is coming to the South Granville region this year. If you are looking to discover some new local favorites then head over and scour the food truck offerings that will be there.

You will be able to find Fri and Sat pop up options and there is some seating at the park nearby too if you want to enjoy your meal outside. Or you might even want to sit in your car and film a muckbang.

The event is referred to as TGIF otherwise known as Thank Granville It’s Food Trucks! .

At this event you will be able to find more than 20 different food trucks in Vancouver, they can be found around 10th Avenue and Fir Street. The trucks are going to have different schedules but overall they will start serving in this area for this event on June 4th.

Food Truck Event in Vancouver Starting June 4th 2021

Find mac and cheese, grilled cheese options, BBQ, brownies, and more. This will be a family-friendly event that is perfect for everyone to come and get out in the nice weather.

Support some local food businesses and see what these food trucks taking part in Thank Granville It’s Food trucks! have to offer.

Around B.C. you will find many different food trucks today and you might even find a few of them on local delivery apps too. When you want to grab something to eat and head out to the beach or park in B.C. then check out local food trucks in Vancouver and your area.

This will be one event that no foodie will want to miss. If you are heading to the Thank Granville It’s Food trucks! event then make sure you’re read on June 4th to stop by.

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