A Quiet Place 2 Not Available in B.C. Yet

The earliest that movie theaters in British Columbia will be able to open is by June 15th. If things continue to go well in the province and they move forward with the reopening plan then it is still weeks away that people will be able to head out and see some new films.

In the meantime, there are big releases, like A Quiet Place 2, that have already hit theaters and are smashing records at the box office. British Columbians will need to wait though, unless those films are available to rent and see at home like the new Cruella film.

The movie theater industry has been hit hard by the pandemic and has been closed for many months, not knowing when things might change.

Now after the recent reopening plan in B.C. had been announced they at least have that path forward for when we might see movies again. It is going to be another few weeks, until June 15th at least.

But in the meantime there are some big hits, like Cruella, that are available to watch at home on the streaming service Disney+.

The movie theaters around B.C. have seen significant numbers of employees losing their jobs during the pandemic and it has been a very tough time overall for the business.

Though it has been a challenge for them they are still moving forward with plans to reopen and we might see that as early as June 15th in B.C now if cases continue to go down.

It looks like A Quiet Place 2 is going to do better than the first film and bring in around $58 million over the weekend and into Monday. The original film, A Quiet Place, had opened back in 2018 to $50 million in success at the box office. There is a big difference in the cost of production for both though, the 2nd one as gone up some.

For the first film, A Quiet Place, it’s estimated that it cost roughly $17 million to produce and went on to score huge at the box office. The 2nd film however, A Quiet Place 2, runs higher to the amount of $61 million but it is expected to smash records as many are waiting to get out and engage in regular activities again like going to the movies.

Photo by Lu00ea Minh on Pexels.com

90 per cent of Canadian movie theaters still remain closed today.

It is already seeing a great deal of success and there are a large portion of theaters in the United States that are still closed. About 75% of the movie theaters in the U.S. right now are open but there are still many that are closed. As well we see that theaters in B.C. are closed too and many around Canada still.

Despite a great deal of theaters being closed in Canada and other areas though, it is impressive to see how well A Quiet Place 2 is doing already. The film is a success and has been quickly smashing box office records with those venues that are open. Those behind the film had made the difficult decision last year to postpone A Quiet Place 2 and it looks like it will pay off, as people have been eager to see it for some time.

It’s going to be a busy weekend for movie theaters and after all of the pain they have been through this pandemic it’s about time they saw some success come their way. It’s likely to see even more success once those remaining theaters are given the green light to open. That means a wave of them could be joining in just a few weeks from now to help boost that A Quiet Place 2 Success.

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