Tourism Industry Desperate For A Comeback

COVID-19 brought significant disruption to the tourist industry in Canada and those around the world. The border closed to non-essential travel for more than a year now and thousands of jobs have been lost throughout the industry.

Hotels, cafes, rental car services, many businesses have suffered because of that loss in tourism.

It is estimated that a city like Toronto might have lost more than $8 billion in tourist activity in 2020.

They are losing millions as hotels have been empty and many businesses that cater to the tourist industry are suffering.

The Tourism Industry Association of B.C. estimates that about $19 billion each year is generated through thousands of businesses in B.C. that are tourism focused.

Without those tourists coming in and restrictions being eased that has had a devastating impact on the tourism market.

They have seen massive layoffs, cancellations for trips, and many small businesses in that market have been unable to sustain themselves.

It has been very tough for others to get through until now and still the border isn’t open yet.

More than 150k Jobs in The Country are In The Tourism Economy

Right now in B.C. we still have a variety of pandemic-related restrictions and that includes travel restrictions around the province and the border still being closed for some time yet to non-essential travel.

Photo by Andre Furtado on Pexels.com

Many popular tourist attractions around B.C. are waiting for the day that this changes and the business comes flooding in again.

Already, we can see that vacations are starting to pick up again as people become more comfortable with traveling as vacation rates continue to grow.

Planning road trips and heading to beach resorts are some of the most popular vacation ideas this year.

In 2018 we saw that the tourism industry in the province brought in tens of billions and without that market it delivers a significant blow to the economy.

Thousands of jobs are at risk and many attractions, hotels, restaurants, and other venues, are also waiting for the day for things to return to normal.

There are millions of visitors who are coming to B.C. each year and that helps to drive significant business success for many different establishments around the province.

Once we see things open up again for travel then we can expect a rush of vacations will be planned and many will be eager to take advantage of that freedom.

Just as we have recently seen when indoor dining restrictions were lifted and many rushed to book a dinner reservation at their favorite local spot again.

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