The BTS Meal: McDonald’s New BTS Menu Items

The BTS Meal has arrived at McDonald’s locations around Canada. You can now find the BTS limited-time sauces that are sweet chili sauce and cajun sauce that come with an order of nuggets.

These new limited edition sauces that are coming from McDonald’s are inspired by McDonald’s South Korea and the sweet chili really does have a bit of a kick to it. Right now on their app McDonald’s is also offering BTS behind the scenes content that is being updated weekly.

To top it off they have also introduced a line of BTS merchandise in a collaboration with McDonald’s on this new BTS McDonald’s Menu meal marketing campaign. In that shop you can find BTS + McDonald’s clothing and other items.

If you are wondering exactly what is the BTS meal at McDonald’s or what the BTS meal at McDonald’s includes it contains a pack of 10 nuggets, medium fries, and a medium drink.

And of course for the BTS meal from McDonald’s to make it complete you’ve got to get the special limited time offered dipping sauces that are inspired by McDonald’s South Korea.

Sweet Chili Sauce + Cajun Sauce Nugget Dip

You might want to order a few of these and stock up if you like them because they aren’t going to be around forever.

Right now this meal deal special, the BTS meal from McDonald’s, is being offered around Canada, the U.S. and in places like the Bahamas too. Soon several other countries will also get it.

In Canada when ordering the BTS meal from McDonald’s with the two dipping sauces it came to $8.49 before tax when ordering from the Skip the Dishes app.

If you don’t like the nuggets you can still try the sauces and eat the sauce with fries or try it on something else that you might want the flavor combination with. This new BTS meal from McDonald’s is sure to prove popular.

The dips taste great!

The new BTS meal from McDonald’s is an exclusive meal that has been launched with the exclusive merchandise line too.

Those in the U.S. and Canada should already be able to see this menu option on their local McDonald’s menu or through a delivery app if they are looking to place an order for pick-up or delivery etc. Through June this meal special will eventually make its way through 50+ countries with people all over the world being able to purchase a BTS McDonald’s Meal if they want.

You can see that McDonald’s has also updated their packaging with special BTS imagery and coloring, noticed on the bag, cup, nugget packaging, spice packaging etc.

The new BTS McDonald’s limited edition sauces are delicious and worth trying, even stocking up on if you love the flavors. Maybe if McDonald’s sees enough demand from the sauces they will at some point add one or the other as a permanent addition to the line-up they offer.

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  1. I haven’t been to a McD’s in ages but read that all prev collabs (which I didn’t even know were a thing) were EXTREMELY successful. And none of those peeps were anywhere near as popular as BTS!!


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