Community Rallies To Show Support for RV Dwellers

Dozens of homeless in Vancouver have been previously warned that they need to leave their current place of living or face eviction. Several individuals from the Metro Vancouver community have since come out to show their support for the community, opposing the crackdown on their RVs, campers, and other vehicles.

One recent rally in Vancouver drew several people who protested the issue.

The group that had protested managed to block traffic for some time as they protested the threat of eviction that the homeless community faces in this region.

A number of RVs and campers line the street near East 12th Avenue and Slocan Street and they say that they have nowhere else to go.

Critics say that this effort to force them to move is in a way criminalizing poverty, as these individuals have few choices for where they can go.

Those who are displaced might likely just end up somewhere else in the city and again face eviction when the problem grows in the next place.

The city says that they have been monitoring the spot where many of these campers are and have been addressing various complaints about debris, noise, garbage, and more.

It is through a bylaw process that they are reportedly being evicted.

Those who are living in the campers have seen support from a housing co-op across the street that wrote a letter to the mayor asking that they stop this eviction process.

Their cause has also received support from the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs Grand Chief as well, Stewart Philip.

In their co-op letter to the mayor they wrote that they couldn’t believe the solution being employed to deal with homelessness in the region was the use of threat of eviction, to disperse those who had gathered in their campers on the street.

City workers are expected to be showing up to the scene on Thursday and there are still several people left living there in their RVs.

If they don’t move then it’s expected that they will see the dismantling of their encampments. Some of the campers have already up and moved before that happens.

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  1. So redonk… all they can do is move somewhere else, or move every night. It’s not a solution, it’s a stupid “make it someone else’s problem” game!

    We just had several hundred small apartments for homeless opened, with more being built. I don’t know if the city was forward thinking in adding resource/assistance programs at the complexes.


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