Indoor Dining OK So Why Not Movie Theaters?

B.C. has just announced the new plans for the reopening of the province. In several steps we will see pandemic restrictions eased and more freedoms allowed for social gatherings and casinos to open etc.

This has been a long time coming for many businesses that are still heavily restricted today in how they can operate because of the pandemic.

Indoor dining until this week had still been restricted and now restaurants in the province are ecstatic to welcome guests back in for indoor dining just this week.

It will still take some weeks for travel restrictions to be eased but over the summer if things go well we should really see more of a reopening take place. That is according to their own roadmap.

Casinos have been closed since March of last year and they are still waiting for the green light to open. Just the same movie theaters have also been restricted and aren’t open yet.

Within a few weeks from now we might start to see this changing.

But one cinema chain exec is asking why we have to wait for those movie theaters to reopen while we are okay for indoor dining now.

Movie theaters are not expected to start opening again until the second phase of the B.C. reopening plan 2021 and that means it wouldn’t come until the middle of June at least. After that we could see casinos also get the go-ahead to open as well later in July.

If people in B.C. are okay to have friends over now and are okay to sit down and eat at a restaurant then why can’t they go in to see a movie in B.C. as well? They have been suffering greatly through this pandemic and have seen a complete devastation in having to close for more than a year now.

For some, these current restrictions are still not making sense.

We have been waiting a long time to reopen and will still be waiting weeks, that is if things continue to go well with cases going down and vaccination rate going up. It might not be the best but at least it is a start and they’ve offered some plan for when those businesses can expect to open once again.

Despite casinos and movie theaters in B.C. perhaps being able to open in a few weeks though we can still expect that they will have distancing and other health safety measures in place for guests.

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