Restaurants Around B.C. Get Ready to Welcome Guests Back for Indoor Dining

In B.C. we have been dealing with travel restrictions, dining restrictions, and other pandemic-related restrictions as the province navigates its third wave.

But just this week authorities announced some changes.

Now indoor dining is coming back! And restaurants around the province are ready to welcome guests in again for a meal.

The travel restrictions have been extended, they are expected to go on for several weeks still and if things continue to go well then we might see the B.C. travel restrictions lifted by the middle of June.

For now British Columbians are still expected to stay within their own travel zone or health authority region, unless they are traveling for essential purposes.

The B.C. Reopening

Sports teams can resume outdoor games again in B.C. and people can eat at indoor bars and restaurants in groups of six.

By the middle of June we might also see movie theaters make their comeback as well.

People in B.C. are now allowed to have visitors indoors again and can have up to 5 people for personal gatherings. For larger seated indoor gatherings that have safety protocols the max is 10. It is also 10 for outdoor personal gatherings.

For outdoor organized gatherings that have safety protocols the max group allowed is 50 people now. Other pandemic restrictions such as those for masks and social distancing are still expected to be in place for several months still.

By the middle of June we should see further easing of those restrictions.

By the middle of June in B.C. that might mean no more travel restrictions, larger outdoor social gatherings, larger indoor gatherings, and spectators for outdoor sports.

As early as July we might see the overall province wide state of emergency and public health emergency fully lifted and eventually we will see casinos coming back and nightclubs too.

At the beginning of Sept this year if things continue to go well then that could mean a full reopening for workplaces and offices in the province.

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